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Tuesday April 2nd 2019

39-year-old jobless PMET with only 2 interviews in 4 months seeking assistance

Dear Mr Gilbert,

I hope things are well on your end. I had initially decided not to write in as I thought just reading the articles would have helped. I didn’t want to eat into the limited resources which i know you are working on.  It is very noble of you to set this up after recovering from joblessness and is now giving back to the community.

I have been jobless for more than 4 months now. Initially, I was still very hopeful and have been keeping to a routine of waking up as if I am working. I head to the library (which is my job seeking Office) and place myself from 9am where the study corner opens, till 6pm with my laptop. I do this from Monday to Friday, except for maybe a day where I would drive Uber for some living expenses, I currently drive one weekday and one weekend.

My main focus is still on finding a job because I didn’t believe driving Uber or part-time job was the way to go for a 39-year-old. I fear if I resent my fate to a part-time job and put less effort into finding a job, it would eventually lessen my chance to get back to a job like before. This will not do well with 24 years more of mortgage on my HDB, planning for a family, etc.

I understand in the current climate, you must be getting a lot of requests daily. I hesitated to write in adding to this burden but eventually still wrote because I realized I might really need some advice. Four months on with 2 interviews that had gone into the nothing, I am feeling disappointed and that’s where I thought I will write to see if your career counsellor or coaches can point out what I have done wrong.

I have tried ways to amend my cover letter and resume but it doesn’t seems to be working. A volunteer career coach could perhaps give me some advice on where I am doing things wrong, if my resume is bad, or if it was my interview skills that had stumped me.

Thank you once again for reading this and please if there are others who are in a much dire situation than me, do place them in priority above me as I understand your resource are limited.

Thanks and regards



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  1. Concerned Singaporean says:

    Brother, my heart goes out for you. It is not your fault. It is the failure and incompetency of leedership. So, remember to tell your family, relatives, uncles, aunties, mom, dad, grandfather and grandmother, friends to vote more opposition parties into parliament to stop the Party Against People to stop importing FTs and CECA FTs to take our jobs away. The Pro Alien Party wants FTs to become citizens to get more votes to reduce Singaporean so to stay in power to self-enrich themselves. PLEASE VOTE OPPOSITION PARTIES because Party Against People is indeed killing Singaporean.

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