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Wednesday April 3rd 2019

Millennial who lost job to foreigners here now making it overseas

Hi Gilbert,

Nice to hear from you.

I rarely log into this email since it was created just for writing to you but I am glad that you cared to follow up.

I actually had a pretty good year in 2017! I found a managerial role with a competitor company for a 40% salary reduction but with much lesser financial responsibility but the commute almost killed me since it was 2.5 hours by public transport. I literally told my boss I resign because of the commute and they offered me an additional transport allowance (along with perks to work from home) but I still resigned. I had enough of the trains whenever it broke down my daily commute became 3+ hours. who can tahan (endure)?!

You know I never once entertained the thought of buying a car even when I was drawing $10K+ a month in the past. I cannot imagine those people who buy cars on a lesser salary?! Taking taxis to/fro work and on weekends cost at the most $1K a month so why buy a car?

Anyway enough of the digress…so after working there for 6 months, the best opportunity of my life came. I found a job in the country I always wanted to stay in. The offer was very attractive with sign on bonus, performance bonus so around $120K pa which is still slightly lesser than what I drew in the past but country X is perfect for me.  Now, I have been planning to move to country X for more than a decade and have also in the last 4 years financially committed to buying a house / car there. The car is already fully paid up now.

So without hesitation I accepted the offer and moved my entire family there. I took my kids out of school, the abysmal schooling system that we had – Training workers and a generation of fearful followers. My children are now in an international school which also have the GCSE system – yes I pay more in tuition fees compared to MOE schools but guess what without the high cost of tuition in SG and stress I am sure my kids are doing better.

I also have the financial means to give my children what I couldn’t afford in SG on a $10K+ salary (which reminds me the recent article on the $10K+ family saying they are middle income or lower than middle income – I totally resonate with them. The feeling of being not here nor there. Not poor but not rich enough. I can understand)

My kids are learning gym, piano, 3rd language, snorkeling and whatever they want to. It’s not expensive like SG! they have fun tilling my garden, washing my cars in a safe and secured environment. We can afford to eat out whenever and wherever we want. Korean bbq, Japanese, etc – no obscene F & B prices in Sg.

I don’t mean to boast but perhaps a story like mine – on a positive note can lift some spirits and instill some confidence in people to move. In SG I am just but a peasant. Here I am living the good life of an expat. We have a huge garden, stay in a 2 story villa with 5 bedrooms, 4 toilets, 2 kitchens. 300++ sq m house. We also have a pool and gym in the community. I have a dog, maid, gardener. I also have 3 cars now, one of which is a German model. Ever since relocating, I have had many friends visiting me and saying I made the right decision. They see the lifestyle I have, the space..I wake up to clean fresh air, beautiful views from my window, have a coffee at my balcony, cool weather…

I cant even think what else i can ask for.. I also rented out my property in Sg which gave me additional income. I also found lobangs (opportunities) in country X that is generating me income more than my day job that will never be possible in SG.

Many people are scared to move overseas because this mentality was never instilled in them since young, I have paid my debt to my nation – I have MR. yes moving overseas requires courage and financial stability. I was lucky I had assistance from a job that first provided this platform but this wasn’t the first time I moved overseas either. I had moved twice before (alone) but the job didn’t work out. This current job gave me full flexibility to also have free time for myself – sending my kids to tuition, bringing them to archery in addition to managing the cash cow business I have with my partner.

For any Singaporean who are still thinking / still scared – believe in yourself, our skills sets are in great demand but you need to leverage on your talent – be at the right place at the right time. I have learned that no job will be guaranteed forever, we are all dispensable. I know this since in my 12-year career I been jobless 3 times hence I am building multiple sources of income now. working in a job is a dead end unless you are right at the top and making executive decisions. why slog your life for a few grand a month paying stupid mortgages? There’s so many more ways to make money but Singaporeans are too kiasi (scare to lose). If you are kiasi you just lose out…

Look outwards, so many opportunities but don’t be rash – plan. I planned for years to be exact a decade before I had the balls to move and it is the absolute best decision of my life. people ask if I am moving back I ask for what? To pay more GST? to be stuck on trains? to pay higher commuter fares? To co pay for insurance? They say SG education is best – I retort and say then why are companies hiring foreigners from 3rd world countries and not Sg?

I am not sure where Sg will be in the next 10-20 years but what we can be sure is that we are being screwed over and over. For those that are fearful you can either continue being screwed and continue to complain or take an active stance and help yourself out of your situation. you can continue cramming yourself into packed trains, live in your pigeon holes or plan to move. It will take time, it will take luck, it will take foresight. However, being in competitive Singapore where things are changing so quickly – one thing is constant – brace for change and nobody likes changes. You either let the government decides for you or you decide for yourself by leaving and broadening your horizons.

I took 10 years to move because like many i had multiple financial commitments – children etc…but I made it happen and so can you.

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2 Responses to “Millennial who lost job to foreigners here now making it overseas”

  1. Owen says:

    Let me guess the country X you are currently living.
    Most like is either canada, australia or nz, since you mention got cool weather with such a big house and easy afford 3 cars.

    anyway, congrat on the move and the new life you got.
    Your acticle make lot of points but of coz not everyone has the ability to migrate out.


  2. Concerned Singaporean says:

    Looks like Singaporean are indeed now 2nd class in own land while becoming FT in foreign land is better than own country. Indeed, Singaporean are still being colonalized today by Party Against People …. not wonder many Singaporean want to become FT in foreign land and return to become 1st class citizen in own land.

    Very uniquely Singapore ….

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