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Monday March 11th 2019

44-year-old jobless chef struggling to cope with unemployment

Dear Mr Gilbert Goh,

I am Wee, married with one child, 44 year old male, currently unemployed and am in need of some help / advice finding a job. I am trained as a chef in the F&B industry.

My business partner and myself owned a small restaurant. I left the partnership in Jun 2017 due to major business operations differences. Since then, I have failed to secure a job relevant to my training.

I decided that maybe a change in industry would better my chances, so I tried (still trying) since Jun 2017 to take the PVDL (Private Hire Driver Vocational Licence) test at the Singapore Taxi Academy, but am unsuccessful till now. The passing rate to my knowledge is not very high, especially for older drivers, as we are expected to memorise rules and regulations for the test.

I would appreciate any kind of help and advice I can get at this point, as I am at my wits end. Even if I can secure a lower paying job in other industries to help settle my family living expenses, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you for your time in reading my email. Will wait for your favourable reply.

Kind regards,


Editor’s note:  the writer has already found a job as a chef with a salary of $3500/month. We wish him the best ahead.

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