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Saturday March 9th 2019

LTA rather jailed man with 18 traffic summons than allowed instalment payment

Afternoon Mr Gilbert,

I am Z…don’t know where to start.

But I need your advice with all the problem that is troubling me. I’m am so depressed now and been contemplating suicide.

I have come this far from being homeless and having my 4-room BTO. And after a long wait (11 years) now my wife is expecting our long-awaited 2nd child.

We are so happy but the happiness is shortlived – hampered by my problems which to me I can settle but with some help.

I’m facing a a jail term for traffic summons. The thought of going to jail when my wife is pregnant coupled with her anxiety depression and losing my quite well-paying job causes me sleepless nights and I lost focus on my job.

I need some solution on this matter. I hope you are kind enough to help me in any way you could. I can be contacted via WA on xxx. Looking forward to your kind reply.

Thank you.


Editor’s note: The writer owed 18 summons X $400 = $7200 to LTA and can pay up via instalment basis up to $1000/month but the court rejected the appeal and preferred to jail him instead.

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