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Friday February 22nd 2019

49-year-old accountant used to earn $200,000/year but now asking for $3000/month

Dear Gilbert

Thanks for your valuable efforts and contributions in helping many unemployed  and under-employed Singaporeans.

My name is Kelvin, a Singaporean, approaching 49 years old.  I chose to retire a year ago as I could not get along with the new CEO after working in the public sector organisation for 22 years as a senior accountant.  That new CEO also restructured away many of my old colleagues.  Before joining the public organisation, I was working for 2 years in the private sector.

My specialisations are finance and accounting, with BA (NUS) Economics,  MBA (Finance) and Masters in Accounting. I also obtained government scholarship and attended finance programmes conducted by University of Pennsylvania.

Although I have adequate retirement saving (rental income from a few fully paid properties),  I was afflicted with bouts of depression since six months ago, as I missed my routine of going to work and interacting with my colleagues.  In the past few months, I tried to apply for part-time / full time jobs but probably due to my age, I did not receive any reply.

I only asked for $3,000 per month. I did not reveal my last drawn salary which was about $200,000 per year (including performance bonus) for many years.

Thanks also, Gilbert, for suggesting to meet up with me.

I have written to SOS yesterday and  they are providing me with advice on how to overcome depression, occasional dark thoughts about the meaninglessness of life, and inputs on obtaining Christian counselling.

I will join their programme and strive to overcome my bouts of depression,  occasional sense of hopelessness and bewilderment.


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2 Responses to “49-year-old accountant used to earn $200,000/year but now asking for $3000/month”

  1. You Die Your Business says:

    Count your blessings ok?

    You have already achieved financial freedom at a relatively young age compared to most. There are so many more Singaporeans who have to keep slogging and struggling decades past your age, so why are you even complaining?

    You obviously don’t need that paying $3,000 per month job. Why compete and deprive work opportunities against those who obviously need this job much more than you do?

    If you have too much time on your hands, then try doing volunteering work, help others less fortunate than yourself instead of whining all day.

    This is such a pointless story, I dun even know why Gilbert want to waste his time meeting up this fellow, please spend the effort on people who really need the help instead.

    And take down this worthless story please.

  2. porno says:

    great thanks broooo

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