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Friday February 15th 2019

Approval for sponsorship scheme for low-income family

Hi Gilbert,

I saw your post from FB. I would like to apply for this educational sponsorship for my 2 kids. I did went to Touch agency to apply for STPM (Straits Times Pocket Money) but couldn’t get as they do not accept any more application. Same goes for Straits Times and his school. Only next year I could apply for it.

I’m a family of 4 members. Staying in a rental flat at Spooner Road. We have 2 kids aged 8 and 5.

I am requesting sponsorship assistance for my boy. He is schooling at Learning Seeds Child Development Centre.  His name is Muhammad Danish Bin Nor-Raziz, aged 5. He is in K2 now turning 6 year this year in August.

My husband has been unemployed since 2014 due to his sickness of heart bypass, pacemaker and brain stroke which affected his left eye. As for his kidney, only 60% is functioning. His heart condition is only 26% but doctor said that he’s fit to work.

He did try to find job but mostly unsuccessful due to his heart condition. Mostly all company that he went for interview do not wish to take the risk. As for me, I used to work but its all under contract position. My contract has just ended and now I’m still looking for a job.

Really appreciate if you could help. Thanks.


Editor’s note: We are glad to inform that sponsorship scheme for the boy is approved at $50/month for the next 12 months. The first payment has been transferred to the mum’s account. We are also getting in touch with the family to see how we can assist them more.

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