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Sunday February 10th 2019

Reader aghast disappointment with e2i staff service

I went to their centre (e2i) on Thursday, 25.1.2018, I was met by an extremely rude staff who spoke loudly and did not smile once.

I was referred to a coach, who informed me my chances of finding a job after working overseas, was slimmer than others, because Singapore employers do not think too ‘highly’ of them.

Don’t know where she got her statistics from. I must say she was friendlier than the reception. Anyhow, she signed me on a course on basic resume writing. Quite presumptuous, considering she not seen my resume (she declined my offer to email it to her).

After reading the reviews above, I realised that this organisation has not improved since the first review in 2011.

Perhaps I should email them and remove my registration with them.


Editor’s note: The article is retrieved from a comment posted here.

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