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Saturday February 2nd 2019

Retrenched diploma PMET in her 30s applied for 100 over jobs but to no avail


Transitioning: First of all, thanks for allowing us to interview you online Mary and can you provide us with some background information about yourself?

Mary: I am in my early 30s. Married with no kids. Obtained a diploma and my last drawn pay was $3500 working as a marketing executive before been recently retrenched.

Transitioning: What was your last occupation and you have told me that you were unemployed for a while, can you tell us more about this and  also  your job search experience?

Mary: I am a PMET. I was retrenched due to a company re-structuring. No retrenchment benefits were given. I was only given 3 weeks of notice period and it happened during early Dec 17. I have been actively searching for jobs since I got the news, applying for more than 100 plus jobs. Always ended up calling up for interview, but no good news. Sick and tired of it, like a waste of my time and money.

Transitioning: You have told me that you are currently jobless for a while, what did you do in order to survive? Did you also approach the CDC for assistance?

Mary: I am jobless for about a month. I am getting worried as the cost of living is so high. Even stepping out of the house also means money spent. No, I did not approach them for help.

Transitioning: Did you attend any interviews during the past few weeks and why do you think you are unsuccessful so far?

Mary: Yes, I attended alot of interviews. Most of them would say they would have alot of candidates and will get back to me. I even encountered one interview where I was with another Singaporean – a FT got the job and the salary she is asking is $1.1K higher than mine with no experience on the job!

Transitioning: Tell us abit more about what you have learnt from your jobless experience and how it has impacted your family.

Mary: In order to survive in Sg, you need to have money and money. I don’t even dare to plan for my retirement / think about my CPF monies now. I don’t think I will ever get to see it again. My family is supporting, they just want me to start a new chapter.

Transitioning: What do you think you could have done to shorten the unemployment period?

Mary: Please, Singaporean first. Even though we are asking for more pay / benefits. Our costs of living is higher. We have home loans etc. This is our home. We are not here to make a living and then off we go and never be back.

Transitioning: Do you think that Singapore is now a more difficult place to make a living?

Mary: Yes!

Transitioning: What do you think the government can do to alleviate the current employment situation?

Mary: Cut down on foreigners

Transitioning: Many people have blame foreigners for competing jobs with us, what is your view on this?

Mary: I think they are impacting us. Singaporeans first please. This is our home. We need to live.

Transitioning: Lastly, what’s your advice for those who are still jobless and feeling down?

Mary: I feel you and I am feeling the same. No words can describe how we feel now. All I can say is let’s move on. We can do it.

End of interview

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One Response to “Retrenched diploma PMET in her 30s applied for 100 over jobs but to no avail”

  1. Owen says:

    Hi Mary,
    Be strong and move on and keep looking for new jobs. But of coz situation will be getting more worst with the increase of GST soon.

    Just cut down on unnecessary expenses and network around for friend’s help on looking for jobs. Although may not be easy but as what you said the FTs are indeed has a strong negative impact on the local.

    Nothing much to advise or help you. But hope GOD will give you blessing for the new job for you soon.


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