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Thursday January 31st 2019

25-year-old FT lives in Singapore since Sec 3 and checking on PR chances

Submitting to the shifus here for any insight they can provide on my PR chances:

Background: lived exclusively in Singapore since Sec 3, good local secondary school/top JC/NUS, good academic record
Education: Bachelor’s Degree (NUS), Singapore A Level + O Level
Age: 25+
EP: EP since mid-2013
Employment: working in tech industry, well known Silicon Valley company
Salary: $4.3k + stock (almost 2x increase since first salary which was $2.5k, I’m hoping that shows future earning potential?)
Spouse: Marrying Singapore Citizen (Chinese) in a few weeks, ROM booked, LTVP pre-assessment already in place so ICA should be aware of this hopefully
Race: Rojak, mix of many different South Asian and European races
Community involvement: regular blood donor, prominent charity involvement
PR status so far: Rejected once (I think because I changed companies while application was ongoing), reapplied and now going on 5 months processing

Any thoughts? I see a lot of folks who are high flyers, top execs etc. on the forum and who have been in SG for work 2/4/10 years, but didn’t find a case similar to my own before. Where all you young folks at?



I reckon your chances are next to nil, at least from my gut reaction.

You have lived here since Sec 3. How? Are your parents or G.parents here? If so, are they PR’s or Naturalized Citizens?

If they are either of the above, that means they tried to do a quick one on the gahment by not getting you PR when you were a kid in Sec School. That, to ICA would be deliberate intent to try pull a fast one on ICA. At any rate, we need to know what your status was while you were schooling in Secondary/JC & NUS Student pass? Who’s sponsorship? LTVP on PR/Citizen’s sponsorship? If that was the case, you chances are zero. ICA will see through the ruse as it’s been tried hundreds of times. They let you work here on an EP because of your local education so you were a known quantity, but the fact that you were already rejected once leads me to think that they have figured out the game plan to avoid NS (PTS PR rarely (if ever) are required to do NS but all 2nd Gen PRs will be obligated to do NS regardless of the primary PR’s type of application.

I think it will be probably a very cold day in …. before you get PR.

To add further, it would also appear to ICA that you are marrying a local girl because you were rejected and are now trying to get in through the side door without doing your NS obligation even though you had the benefits of an education in Singapore for quite a number of years.

But. I could be wrong – I’ve been wrong before. I thought I was wrong once before and it turned out I was right, therefore I was wrong in my assumption.


Editor’s note: This article is extracted from a comment posted in Singapore Expats.

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2 Responses to “25-year-old FT lives in Singapore since Sec 3 and checking on PR chances”

  1. xyz says:

    If this bugger had done his NS then no prob.

    I had 2 Sec & JC classmates who were PRs and they both did NS — one went thru OCS and the other went thru Safincos (now known as Specialist School??) to become artillery NCO.

    Both ex-classmates were invited by ICA to take up red passport after completing their 2.5 yrs NS.

  2. Hui Shan says:

    May I know what is your origin birth country?
    Because as far as i know, my sch mates from M’sia and China and Taiwan were offered PR (M’sia) and the others got their PR status few years after they grad from Uni.

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