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Monday January 29th 2018

Jobless 28-year-old diploma holder feeling depressed and lost

Dear Gilbert,

Thank for your fast reply. And also your advice and attachment. I just feel down and depressed when I discover things are not as easy as I thought.

I am thankful that you want to meet me for a chat but it’s ok. Your reply is enough for me. Sure you can post on your blog but maybe you can remove my name.

At the age of 28, I really hope I am not lagging too far behind…unable to catch up. I thought diploma holder always get a starting pay of $2k and it will be easy to get but it is not. Even a $1.5k shipping job I can’t guarantee of getting even though I have the skill related to it.

I can’t sleep for two nights thinking about how am I going to find a job with my resume and my diploma (Mobile wireless & computing) which is outdated since smartphone is invented. Plus I am not very good at interview.

Suddenly I feel so useless so I cancel my ideal jobs one by one, I am not fit for immigration job so its out. I always want to contribute to Singapore by working for town council, Changi Airport or any government jobs but it is out of the question now.

There are so many people out there who are more qualified than me I guess.  In the end,  I think only shipping company is my only chance but a slim one though I have the working experience with my family business. I want to expose myself to the working world but who will be willing to hire me as I am hardworking and ignore my resume and lack of experience?

Nevertheless writing to you make me feel a little better. Thank you for listening to me.

Best Regards,
Lim SY

Editor’s note: The writer has a diploma in IT and has worked for his family all along.

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