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Wednesday January 23rd 2019

Foreign talent given 45% pay increase for new job

Hello Everyone

I wanted to update this thread with my recent experience so that at least someone new who reads this thread in future will get an idea.

About a year back I was offered a job in a company. They initially asked my current salary and nothing mentioned further. They conducted three interviews and thereafter their HR guy called me to inform that I have passed all the interviews.

Then he told me that they have a standard package of salary for their particular designation/role and that salary is bit higher than I requested. You won’t believe it was a 45% increment! I am happily working for them and do my best regardless of work stress or whatsoever!

I felt shy about my skill set and talents. Last year they gave 100% of their annual bonus.

So my advice for new colleagues reading this forum is keep faith if you are skilled and qualified.
All great companies will hire employees for best salaries regardless of your current salary. They want to see you in a good salary range and only expect your commitment/dedication to company.

Companies that are struggling with their budget always tend to lower your salary and look for cheap labour!

Thanks to all who have helped and guide me in this thread !


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