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Sunday January 13th 2019

39-year-old PMET just lost his job and facing marital difficulty at home

Hi Gilbert,

I am writing in to seek emotional help after losing my job early this month. Losing my job has destabilise my current condition after I have a emotional break-down in early Nov when my wife and I were on the verge of divorcing.

As I have not recover from my breakdown, losing my job has actually tense up the family situation.

I am actively seeking out a job but the emotional instability is still there and my wife and I still continue quarrel at times.

I am no longer sure what is normal life and what logical decision should be made at this juncture. Hopefully I can seek an answer to my current condition and get back to my normal life.

Just need someone to talk to as people around me can’t really understand the sadness, loneliness and loss. I was a very confident person before all this happens. Now I am just trying to be myself again.

I am not always feeling down, its just that when there’s disppointment or rejection, I will start feeling depressed. Seems like I am not able to handle negative feedback or things coming at me now. Just want to be less stressful and return back to normal.



Editor’s note: We will be assigning the writer a career counsellor soon.

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7 Responses to “39-year-old PMET just lost his job and facing marital difficulty at home”

  1. Jie Ming says:

    Hi! Peter,

    When our situation turned bad, it would definitely give us stress and it could also lead us to more worst situations. It could also made us lost confidents. Your wife is also sharing your bad situation hence it could lead to more worries for her too. Everyone loves to lead a normal life too. And since these situations get to you, you have to solve them. If you mentioned that your wife has been quarreling with you and on the verge of divorced. Don’t you think it is also the right time now to know that she’s not supportive as a wife. It would be worst if you found out about your wife after having children of your own. The few things you can do now. – Avoid being alone as you will have many self pity stress, talk to more people and find ways to get out of all your bad situation.

  2. Matt says:

    Dear Peter,

    It is painful now in this situation, my advise to you is-one thing good that you are still Young (39). Take care of yourself first.
    Move on quickly don’t dwell too much on this.
    Don’t miss the opportunities lies ahead of you.
    Now,if you are looking for a job, don’t look too long give yourself a deadline by then if u have not found a job, move to find yourself a job overseas.
    I don’t know which field you are in?

    Sorry, to say this… find yourself a better wife overseas. Are you aware that many Singaporean man married overseas and they have been treated much or should I say 100x much better than SGP local women-not all-(sorry don’t mean to speak bad about SGP women pls excuse me)I have seen many of my Singaporean friends married overseas.

    My intention is NOT to break up your marriage but giving you the facts.If your marriage can work out WILL BE EVEN BETTER.

    So STOP crying like a baby and GET GOING, time is NOT waiting for you. And Singapore does NOT care.

    Good Luck! Peter.
    Take care!

  3. stanvenguru says:

    Don’t lose hope. everyone life has ups and down. Don’t bother about past.think about the feature.

  4. Kelly says:

    Hello all, I hope everyone will be better in 2018! Be happy and get a better opportunity to work.

  5. Siti suhaila says:

    I would like to cancel my ntuc membership. Do assit. Im no longer using.thank you

  6. LWS says:


    I hope things have improved and brighten up in your life as well. On the ground, business sentiments is more upbeat and job market improving significantly. Last year was definitely quiet and hardly moving compare to this year.

  7. divya says:

    Hello Peter,
    I am responding after a long time, please read my reply carefully, don’t lose the hope. I am sure now you get the best job but when you left the job, I know that hows you felt that time because I am also left my job when I have a big issue with my family. I know that time passes away after some time, but it’s not easy to live in that scenario that’s why I told you that I know how you felt that time.

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