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Monday January 14th 2019

PMET out of job for three years and leaving Singapore to rebuild his life

First of all, you are not alone. For another 3 months, I will mark the 3rd year anniversary as a jobless man too.

Come straight to the point, attending E2i/CDAC courses is a good thing … yet what’s the main objective? I have attended quite a few those sessions and the result? Is as good as you think it is. Our situation is such: the horrible macro environment.

I (or we?) can still survive working low end jobs which barely feed hand to mouth and that is it. Once you are in that cycle, your destiny is sealed. I am not going to enrich other just to survive. We can be everything as low-end as we want and that is if you have an objective to better the situation or else just have a job and move on with life.

Most employers will want to pay as low as possible, that’s nature. And they will want to max out the returns on each employee, that’s nature too.

If you think driving is the way to go for you, just ignore the fact that you never drive after you got your licence (years back). White lies if you need to. It does not pay to be awfully honest. Get the job you need with whatever white lies you have to give as long as it is not a criminal act. Some readers may not agree with me and this comment may not be published.

But alas… I see enough of the society, so-call friends and relatives during this period of unemployment. I am leaving Singapore, to rebuild my 2nd life.

Being unemployed is a rare opportunity to look at our life and try to come out with a fresh outlook of life.

Best wishes for your journey ahead, Godspeed.

As for me, I will not miss Singapore after leaving!


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5 Responses to “PMET out of job for three years and leaving Singapore to rebuild his life”

  1. Owen says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Best of lucks in leaving SG. Hope you can settle down well in your new found homeland.
    By the way, which country are you going to settle down?

    Mind to share any tips out there? Still, best of lucks to you and you are NOT the only one who leaving. I have seen many of my peers are leaving too for the past few years.
    And many are not returning at all.

  2. Mak says:

    Best of luck to you. You should have left long ago, just like me when I left Singapore in 1988 and never look back. I thought, at this day and age of Singapore, everyone should have no problem getting another job after lay off because of the effort of the government. Age discrimination should not be a problem. In 1986, I was laid off (notice I don’t use retrench? You know where I am) and could not get another job at the age of 35. Same as you, I resort to odd jobs to survive. The best to go to another country and use your talent. Singapore is too selective and too competitive. There are some other reasons beside this.

  3. Jie Ming says:

    Hi! Daniel,

    I think whatever you’ve written here were correct. But there are plenty of Singaporeans who does not want to leave to work overseas. Some reasons maybe they need to take care of their parents, their children will have a tough time to settle in another place or even sitting too comfortably in Singapore hence do not wish to start everything all over again. Its is good to be working overseas because you will be branded as expatriate or foreign talent. And FT are usually given better salary or terms etc. I think which ever person had an overseas job opportunity, better to try than not trying. The whole employment situation here has changed.

  4. Matt says:


    Came across this site by chance and was curious whats all about, read this latest article by Daniel and many more.

    I was born and rise in Singapore, I left Singapore to work in the 90′s was very tempted to come back to my motherland to work but after applying so many jobs in Singapore from overseas no respond, I was wondering why! not till now, I know the real reason behind, call me a fool I was NOT in sync with the updates of Singapore.

    Daniel is right about the so call family, friends, or whatever dont put your hope in them and keep believing in yourself and follow your heart.I know its ezy to say but its the only lifeline you have for now, once you are back on your feet you are moving forward.

    Now, even more I have decided to continued working overseas and not return, perhaps just for food but NOT to stay here or even perhaps not to die here, come to think of it it does not matter where you die you are dead.

    No need to worry about Singapore. Singapore don’t worry about you or even care.

    It is indeed very sad for me to hear from Singaporeans who are in such situation, rest assured I WILL hire Singaporean if the opportunity is available,but it up to you if you would like to leave I know many Singaporean are reluctant to leave for work overseas for many reasons.

    Truly, I wish all of these Singaporeans ” KEEP YOUR HEAD HIGH and FOLLOW YOUR HEART WHATEVER IT TAKES”. JUST DO IT…………

    My best wishes to all.

  5. Awareness says:

    Hi Daniel, your job hunt and efforts which you put in are relatable to everyone currently unemployed or faltering through a bad boss. The govt is blind to all these and statistic produced by them is half-baked for political consumption. I wish you succeed, from every fiber of my heart, wherever you go other than being in this country void of proper Labour Union. May God bless your endeavour and others who were caught in similar situation.

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