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Tuesday January 15th 2019

Family of 6 with a autistic child struggling with livelihood and seeking assistance

Dear Mr Gilbert Goh

Hope all is well with you. Honestly I’m not sure where to start and who do I go to. I am the only child and come from a broken family. I have nothing left but only my spouse, 4 kids and belongings.

We were previously placed in a transition home at Jalan Bukit Merah and received assistance  from SSO. Coming from a transition home, we only had our belongings and clothes with us.

We did not have to pay much at the transition home but we were still struggling with food. I also have a severe non-verbal autistic daughter aged 10. The  challenges I face are like her adult diapers, and her choices of food. I will have to cook different dishes especially for her. My spouse has been looking around for jobs since May but to no avail.

Like any other Singaporeans, we have our goals listed down with a case worker, and within months we were happy upon successful application for a newly-built rental flat. Just as much as I thought my troubles would soon be over, our SSO assistance was reduced by $500.00 when I renewed my assistance here in Punggol.

The flat was empty and like I mentioned we only had our clothes with us. We sleep and share mattresses. We don’t own any fancy items at all, not even a water heater. Imagine having to enter an empty home. We have been wearing the same kind of clothes until some of which are torn now.¬† I have been going for interviews with torn sandals.¬† It’s December and school resumes like¬†in 20 days. How do I get these done when my assistance is reduced. My rental itself is $280 for a room and hall, excluding water supply/conservancy/electric/ cooking gas. Almost dried up with new outstanding bills and foresee more coming since SSO’s decision.

Instead of helping the needy people, they take it away from you and we have even more problems. We want to settle down soon, get a job and close our case with ComCare, for the other needy people out there.

We don’t have family support at all and would like to seek help. Any kind of help is greatly appreciated.



Editor’s note: We are scheduling an appointment to see the family soon and will furnish a detailed home visit report afterwards.

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  1. Azrinna says:


    Let me know if i can help her.
    Her electric bills and groceries.

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