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Monday January 14th 2019

Worker needs to pay back 3 months of salary after resigning during probation period

Dear Gilbert,

I am responding to your article on unjust employment contract.

Mine is similar when my employment contract states that I have to compensate the company 3 months’ salary if I were to tender within the 1st year of employment.

I tendered during the probation period of 3 months as I really cannot handle the tons of work and to the extend I forgot to attend a meeting!

Now they are holding on to my last month’s salary.

Thank you


Editor’s note: It is not right for employer to impose such unfair contractual terms in any employment contract.  You can approach MOM for arbitration if you face such employment terms. Please read through your contract properly before you sign them – it may bite you back if you break the terms of agreement though it may not hold much water in the court of law.

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3 Responses to “Worker needs to pay back 3 months of salary after resigning during probation period”

  1. @Gusto says:

    Dear Esther,
    What is the company name that you worked that had such an exploitation employment terms? Blacklist in this website so that everyone can notice it before many become the victim. It’s a sad employment scene in this little red dot that scorn human dignity & rights for fair working terms.

  2. Shelbie says:

    Hi Gilbert,

    I’m also in a similar situation right now and was wondering if it’s possible to resign without paying compensation at all?

    I’m still in a 6 months probation period which might be extended. It depends on how company view my performance.

    My contract terms stated that during probation, if I terminate within first 3 months, I have to compensate 1 month salary. If I terminate after 3rd month, I need to compensate 2 weeks salary.

    Only after you are confirmed, then we can terminate on 1 month notice or pay in lieu.

    However, I don’t think I’ll get confirmed soon which means I’ll always be on probation and I’ll need to pay compensation no matter what?.. I really want to resign. Can I just check if it’s legal for the company to demand compensation during probation? Because I’m most willing to just serve 1 month notice and not compensate.

  3. siva says:

    mine also same i need to pay 6 months sallary…izit we still can apply for another job or cannot…my company name henderson security pte ltd almost 6 months i seat at house my family suffer

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