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Monday January 14th 2019

10 Ways To Pass Your Probation

A lot of times, we hear of bosses from hell., while that may be true  there are workers who also deserve a wake-up call.
I have my fair share of bad bosses (female and male) and below are my version of   10 Ways to Pass Probation When you First Start Work.
1) Do not assume your boss will guide you or teach you.
Most bosses are promoted because they have done their work well as juniors and not necessarily because they are good leaders.
When they are the boss, they already have a fixed way of doing things.
Even simple things such as how to place stationery, how to align text properly in a Word document,  etc.
If you have a poor sense of situational awareness, always ask some colleagues  and do not deviate.
2) Keep away from bootlickers.
In any organisation, there will be bootlickers.
These people suck up to bosses and will carry tales. These are fake people and will be nasty towards you if you are a nobody.
3) Always hand up work 100% perfection and this includes free from spelling errors.
Bosses are very unforgiving and can form negative opinions once you submit even only 80% of the work and they assume that you will expect 20% help from the bosses.
Bosses are there for you to spoonfeed  and pamper, not the other way round.
4) Always hand up work on time when bosses ask you for it or when there is a deadline.
Submission of work earlier doesn’t mean that you are efficient.
Bosses sometimes have a very negative mentality and if you submit too early, it probably means that you have not check your work thoroughly.
Besides, if you hand up too early, bosses may also just give you more work for you to do! Too efficient is also no good…
5) Stay away from rumour mongers.
They may be fun loving and bitch about other people but they will also carry tales about you to the boss for entertainment purposes.
Best to stay away from a group of rumour mongers who are always out to source for the next juicy  tale to spread around.
6) Do not have lunch with bosses too much and if possible, avoid lengthy lunch with gossipy colleagues.
Lunch time is the best time for you to slip up and say the wrong things so take some time to be on your own if possible and rest your mind.
7) Never question bosses orders or instructions.
When an order is issued, just follow them blindly.
Even a simple question such as¬†”Why do you do that?” will irk them off because they are already very used to having “Yes” man around them.
You can question all you want when you have pass your probation.
8) Never cybersurf or go on Facebook  at work.
These are huge distractions and will definitely lead to more errors.
In addition, most bosses have the ability to check your emails and websites to see where you have gone to during office hours.
9) Always volunteer to organise social events or parties.
Happy events make you memorable and well-liked.
The extra effort used to organise office functions will earn you bonus  points  when your  probation  is due for review.
10) Once you have pass probation, remember, you already know the work flow and culture in your office environment – you can¬† then cut corners as¬† when you feel you won’t get caught.
All the best!
Written by: Edmund
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  1. sal says:

    You must be kilat for the first 3 months until you pass your probaton period…

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