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6 Big Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Job And Follow Your Passion

6 Big Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Job And Follow Your Passion

By on October 29, 2012

You are probably not satisfied with your job. You want to be successful and you feel that this can only happen if you draw up a resignation letter, quit your job and follow your passion. Many people in this situation fearto venture out for the simple fear of how things will work out after they quit their jobs.Quitting your job to follow your passion can have a lot of advantages especially if you put fear of the unknown aside.

It is not easy quitting a job, but it could be well worth it.

The following are 6 good reasons why you should quit your current job and follow your passion.

1. You Will Get Fulfillment

When you pursue your passion, you will most definitely find fulfillment in what you do. You get the satisfaction of doing what you always desired to do. Remember, fulfillment is not only in money. There are many people who earn huge salaries but don’t find any personal fulfillment. This is simply because they are not living their passion.

In order to be successful, you must take immediate action with the sole intention of fulfilling your passion.

2. You Will Always Get Pleasant Surprises

By taking a firm decision of moving out into the world outside your constraining job, you never know what awaits you. But the good thing is that this action opens up immense possibilities, some of which you might not even have thought about. You go to places that you probably never imagined you would. You also meet people who are willing to welcome you and help you on as you pursue your passion. It is never as bad as it seems. But you can never realize the surprises awaiting you if you don’t venture out.

3. You Build Your Own Empire

When you are employed, most of your time and energy goes into building the fortunes of someone else. What you get in return is only a salary. This is not what you desire if you want to be successful. You have to build your own empire. But you cannot achieve this when you dedicate the best of your time and energy to the economic affairs of someone else.

With employment you miss so many opportunities of building your own personal success. There are very many options to be explored if only you dedicate most of your time and energy into it. Your thoughts will be more focused when you are thinking of fulfilling your passion. But your job could be the hindrance preventing you to make this great leap to freedom and success.

4. You Will Not Be Vulnerable

When you get a job, you hope that you will work smoothly until you retire. This is not the case these days. While having a job is good, in the current state of the economy one cannot be guaranteed of job security. Most employees are now at the mercy of the economy and their employers. They are increasingly vulnerable. But by following your passion you are in control of yourself. And with control you will have security and peace of mind.

5. You Will Be Empowered

In order to be successful you need to be empowered. This is may not be possible if you remain in your current job. To be empowered means that you must create your own reality using the immense potential in you. By quitting your job and pursuing your passion you are able to break the monotony of your current job and create your own reality. Taking control of your own life becomes immensely empowering.

6. You Will Be a Great Person One Day

Success does not happen overnight. Most personal success stories speak of people who painstakingly worked hard from humble beginnings without ever giving up or looking back. You do not have to compare yourself to others who have achieved success in your particular field of passion. They most probably did not compare themselves with those who attained success before them. You just need take small steps of faith and confidence and they will lead you to your greatness. Trust the skills you have and work on them. Eventually, you will realize that it was easier than you imagined when you were starting.

By quitting your job you will pursue your passion without distractions, you will meet new people, explore new places and change your life for good.

Checkout Doug Walker/Nostalgia Critic, he quit his job and now runs a very successful website by the name of: If you’re gonna quit you job, why not go out in style.

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  2. Sal says:

    In the 80s n 90s we follow the economy of the country, many O and A level holders end up in polytechnics studying engineering and IT…what happen to them now? If one can follow his/her passion and interest, hopefully they will achieve something in the future. Good luck.

  3. JJ Wong says:

    I go for both. Getting a career to sustain my daily life while learning in my career, while these skills supporting my passion, my project in building websites. In which, I’m financial stable and able to sustain my passion and daily life. Win win situation.

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