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Monday January 14th 2019

Reader appalled at the high number of foreigners working in Changi Airport

Dear Mr Goh,

I recently went on a short trip and flew from Terminal 1 but was rather surprised to find the situation inside the check-in, to be far worse than employment outside as Singaporeans increasingly are unable to afford travel despite having the “most powerful passport” of 2017!

Before I boarded the aircraft, I had time for tea at a “PAUL Le Kiosque” and saw only 2 Singaporean staff (from their accent). The cafe hired mostly Filipinos, Indian Nationals and Malaysians, which has become a sore point for locals due to the liberal stance of our government to hire citizens from other countries.

Needless to also mention that promoters at The Shilla Duty-Free Cosmetics and Perfumes are like 80% foreigners and you can literally count the number of locals working there on your fingers.

Whatever happened to the quota imposed by MOM? Either they’re very lax at enforcing them or we’re seeing things with our lying eyes! Anyway, the unemployment rate for Singapore citizens should be substiantially lower as our population stands currently at around 58% (or lesser) if the government’s measure to “restructure” the middle-aged to take menial jobs has worked.

But these jobs are increasingly being occupied by Work Permits and S-Pass holders so one doesn’t really know what is left for the unemployed or retrenched? Some of these foreigners come in on the basis of “training” so they will later”upgrade” from an initial student pass or exchange program.

Changi Airport our Jewel is the first line whereby tourists get to experience our Country and I think its prudent to ensure Singaporeans get hired in those positions first to extend the Singapore hospitality to these travellers and not some 3rd class citizens who cannot even speak English properly. No other country in the world hires other nationals to serve in their transit and enjoy the perks there!

I also wonder how many Singaporean staff are working in the newly-opened Terminal 4?

Singaporeans have the ultimate duty to ensure the continued survival of our stock by ensuring sufficient SDP MPs at the next GE to check and balance the current opaque system and rampant abuses of power where not much statistics are available and even the ones that are, are highly questionable and controversial in itself!

W L Sum

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2 Responses to “Reader appalled at the high number of foreigners working in Changi Airport”

  1. Tashi says:

    Dear Mr Sum,

    I do agree with you the Changi Airport article, I gotten around to ask why, and perhaps the answer is they the FT are ready to accept the lowest salaries and their ultimate objective is to later be able to apply a HDB flat and sometime later they sell the HDB flat make the money and off they go back to their own country.
    The thing that I find it very very disturbing is, HDB Flat are mean for SINGAPOREANS why is HDB and the GOV allowing FT to buy!!!!!!!! weather it may be open market or directly from HDB, this is a very very sore point.I remember our Founding Father LKY once said that SINGAPOREANS must be home owner, thus, HDB was created and built on that objective, FOR SINGAPOREANS NOT for PR,or any other foreigner….try this in Thailand or some other ASEAN countries NO WAY…PUBLIC Housing is for their own blood born and rise Singaporeans, what has Singapore turn into? This is really very sad and disappointing….on the other side of the coin…there is Singaporeans unemployment issue… what retraining? and what this skills upgrading and so forth….show us some stats that this is working….it is certainly NOT working if so…why need to set so many types of this scheme and that…career fair who participates……NTUC,F&B,all along these industries.
    We must learn from others ASEAN countries on this, we use to say they must learn from us…now, I think NOT.

  2. SAF says:

    In my current and previous jobs, my 100-people departments were 90% FOREIGNER Indians! And most of them are really stupid and retarded. With crappy THIRD WORLD education and no skills!

    And now Tharman is saying in India that only 30% of the Singapore workforce is foreigners! What bullshit!!! Total nonsense!!! Singaporeans know that the real number is much higher than this. Close to 80-90%!!! PAP has really screwed Singaporeans and are now lying about it!!!

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