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Wednesday January 16th 2019

Fresh graduate of NUS from Malaysia rejected EP for sales position in healthcare sector

I am a fresh graduate from National University of Singapore. I am offered a sales position at a MNC in the healthcare industry. The company told me that my EP application is rejected, reason given is regarding the fair employment issue. HR never mention details, don’t think is quota issue as I have met most employees in similar positions or management in the company during the interview (some 8-hours assessment in a day to let you familarise with the people/culture/job scope etc.) and they are Singaporeans.

Nationality: Malaysian
Years in Singapore: 4.5 years (extended by .5 year because NUS sent me overseas for a prestigious entrepreneurship program for a year)
Degree: NUS, Electrical Engineering
Base salary: S$2.8k
Other salary components: $1.3k travelling expenses + 17% of CPF contribution returned to me in cash since I am foreigner + great commissions

I know the base salary is lower than $3.3k but all my foreign friends graduated from NUS last year(2014) who are paid less than that amount got their EP approved. And it is pretty common that sales position’s salary is lower than those with fixed income. I have rejected other job offers in engineering field with fixed monthly salary that ranges from $3k to $3.3k.

This company has appealed the EP application decision for me. From your experience, how long does it takes to hear from MOM again and what happens if I got rejected for the appeal? Should I look for another job?

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One Response to “Fresh graduate of NUS from Malaysia rejected EP for sales position in healthcare sector”

  1. SG says:

    I think this job can be easily filled with Singaporeans.
    You ate not needed. We have tons of talents.

    Permanent Residence must also be reviewed, those based on jobs that gotten their PR, all should have their PR revoke, if Singaporean can fill the job. Our population nearing 6m, still meed FT? We need true talents, or job fillers that Singaporean that is not filling.

    You try to take our country people jobs?!
    When you are a ceo that can bring in multi million of investments that can create jobs for Singaporean then come in.
    Malaysia is your home, not here.

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