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Monday January 14th 2019

Cambodia: nice place to live and work in

Dear Mr Yong,

Please kindly allow me to add some comments and suggestions.

Let begin to say that despite what others think of Cambodia or if they have been there or not, Cambodia is a very good and nice place to live and work.

In recent years Cambodia has grown in many areas such as housing, transport, medical and of course food.

Cost of living have not much increase and affordable, housing a new two bedroom with proper living room and FULLY Furnished from USD350 – USD450.

Taxi is available by call or by apps.

Food is abundance Chinese or otherwise, I love the Chinese seafood which is inexpensive.

Work-wise you have to be very careful about the company you work with, remember ALWAYS insist on a contract stating what and what not, as the law sometimes are unreliable but with at least a contract you stand a chance.

Your salary would be in USD and you can begin with asking for USD 3000 net, but now there is a new enforcement you will have to have a Visa and Work Permit, before it was flexible just Visa will do now it just came into effect.

Telecom sector will be network operator; Smart, Mfone, Cellcard, etc…quite a few.

There are many retail shops selling mobile phones.

You can find work in Phnom Penh, and other cities.

Always stay in an apartment we are all so tempted to stay in villa which is affordable too but too much little things you need and all raining floods, apartment is the safest with full security.

Hope this information helps.

Good luck to you Mr Yong.

Best regards,

Tashi (true-blood Singaporean)

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4 Responses to “Cambodia: nice place to live and work in”

  1. Tashi says:

    Dear All Follow Readers,

    I recently wrote a response to Mr Yong, I felt there is a need to clarify.

    Firstly, I am in no way promoting Cambodia is THE only place to work and live, there are still many places to work and live or even better than Cambodia…I am just saying through the best of my knowledge that Cambodia is a good place base on my own opinion and my experience.

    You have a choice to choose a place THATS SUITABLE for YOU YOURSELF and not what others says, go check it out yourself first hand and you will know,see and feel if its suitable or not.

    For those who have been born and rise in Singapore, more the reason YOU MUST check it out first many of us are so use to the comfort and these places are third world countries may not have what you are use to here in Singapore.

    Adjustments are lots for you and more so for your family if you are bringing your family along.

    When I first begin i was almost complaining everyday, and I woke-up one day and stop and too don’t ask WHY THIS? and that, never, never.

    Remember, this is what you choose learn how to live with it and everything will be good and happy.

    Indeed, Singapore was a proud place for me to promote to all my overseas friend and associates…but recently, I refrain from doing so, because I have now seen the other side of the coin of Singapore, Its NOT for Singapore Singaporeans, but its for others.

    But in a nutshell, you’ll be much happier, this is what its all about.

    Those over 40′s or 50′s should be consider as a jewel of Singapore it is these people who worked hard and made the Singapore brand.

    Professionals like us has no place in Singapore. I am indeed heartbroken for how Singapore has treated us.

    I wish all our fellow readers good health, lots of happiness and lots lots of good luck, all your wishes be fulfill, remember please try to help in your own ways to your needy fellow Singaporeans.

    Thank you!

  2. Owen says:

    Hi Tashi,

    As you stated: “Professionals like us has no place in Singapore. I am indeed heartbroken for how Singapore has treated us”.

    Guess you are not only one who feels this way, there many of us who have left felt very betrayed.

    Anyway, all the best of lucks.

  3. Tashi says:

    Please also note that NOW competition is also from Chinese companies who can do Superfast work…BUT after completion buildings starts to crack and so forth, so these chinese companies also bring in their group they dont hire locals…dont know why the country allows such.
    Many Chinese funded projects in the region have slowed down or temp stop…cos of the control of cash flow from Central Chinese GOV.

  4. Jayant Borkar says:

    I am looking for a job in Singapore can anyone help me

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