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Saturday April 6th 2019

PMET jobless for a year, venturing abroad for work and not coming back

Dear Gilbert,

I would like to say thank you and everyone on this site who has contributed a comment.

It feels good that someone is listening and there is a tunnel to funnel our thoughts.

I have been unemployed for over a year now, disappointed with Singapore had sure good vibes of Singapore, but now, it has change my thoughts altogether.

I am leaving to work overseas, not coming back anytime soon, Have not found a job yet, hoping soon. Just hope.

Thank you Gilbert and all, may all be blessed with good luck and your wishes be fulfill.

Oh yes! lots of happiness too.



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One Response to “PMET jobless for a year, venturing abroad for work and not coming back”

  1. Owen says:

    Ok Noted! Happy to hear that from you.

    All the best of lucks in your new job in overseas. For sure you will definitely enjoy the life outside sg. Plus of coz more work-life balance with the quality time for yourself and your family.

    If you settle down well…then settle yourself there forever ok? Same as i do now in overseas..

    No regrets and no turning back!!

    From a happy quitter.

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