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Monday January 14th 2019

Single, jobless for 6 months and driving taxi as a temporary resort

Hi Gilbert

Firstly with great respect putting yourself on the line for providing volunteer support to the uninitiated employed.

As I read about the articles, a lot of the unemployment cases are related to ageism which is common in most parts of developed world eg USA, Britain where skills will also often mismatch.

I myself is also prepared for joblessness when I reach 40, that’s why I enrolled as a Taxi vocational license holder 5 years ago of which I’m glad I’ve done. I can use that as an emergency like I am doing now.

I’m single and unemployed for 6 months.

I treat it as a rough patch and that unemployment comes and goes and can never be forever.

Timing is especially key.

If plenty of people are applying for one type of job, it is peak period, which is never good when you are looking for jobs.

I’m now looking for any part time job that is available, but these jobs do not pay the $3.3k I was previously drawing, even though I’m willing to have a lesser pay.

Question is why do these part time jobs unwilling to take in candidates who are willing to be paid lesser than their previous pay?

PS: I also realise after being unemployed the 1st time, the 2nd and 3rd time you’re more well prepared, for example, housing can be rented out to buffer cash flow until a job is found, meantime, getting part time work is also a good temp measure.




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3 Responses to “Single, jobless for 6 months and driving taxi as a temporary resort”

  1. SAM says:

    What is he working as that pay him $3.3k/mth?

  2. Faith says:

    There were many experienced and skilled older workers out there, but most employers (thank to our govt poor policies, weak union & lukewarm advertisment campaign) created opportunity for discrimination to thrive.

    What I found interesting (through years of research)was that many of such stubborn employers, will eventually be short-changed by their own over-caculative & discriminative HR practices and thus being left to dry due to shortage of manpower for a long time to come.

    Such frequent ads, of same vacancy from same company, over a prolong period of time: speaks volume of a bad image and bad company recruitment policies. I believed many long time job seekers can relate to that experiences.

    People who have previously applied to such a job advertisemt (not shortlisted or outright being rejected), will no doubt be taken aback, became skeptical and left with a bitter-taste. They lost confidence when the same advertiser appears in their face – again and again – and swear never to go anywhere near them.

    Nobody will pity these companies for not being able to fill a position or wonder at the mysterious mind behind those regular advertiser. As the saying goes: What goes around, comes around and I want all unemployed people to know that when a door is closed upon you, another will be opened as in Philip case of never say die.

    As a job seeker, our mobility and choice are higher than those regular “headless” vacancy waiting “forever” to be filled, but also unwilling to accomodate our skilled and experienced older workers. Their lost is not yours to worry about.

    Learn to move on after every rejection because life is too short to keep pandering to discriminative people or companies.

    If my final parting word is of any consolation to you: never aim for a bed of roses (which PAP leadership can never provide other than empty promises), I believe a single stalk of any flower is just as good to live by. Didn’t I say life is too short to worry too much?

  3. Richard says:

    You are single, why not venture overseas ? China alone offers many good opportunities, which I have to turn down due to family commitment … But you are single, you can achieve things that I can only dream off, dun hold yourself back …

    go and ace that offer of RMB 750,000 annual salary after tax in ShenZhen or monthly RMB 55,000 after tax in DongGuan

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