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Tuesday January 15th 2019

Sole breadwinner security guard facing bankruptcy due to $11000 Courts loan

Hi Gilbert,

I’ m at my wit’s end. I need your advice on what to do. I don’t have anyone to turn to for help. I”m Ali, age 41 the only breadwinner in the family and working as security guard bringing back $2k.

My wife is not working, I have 3 children schooling all in secondary school. My wife did try to find a job to help me but until now she is jobless. We live in a 1-room rental flat. The problem started when I received a letter from Courts, I’m owning $11k – that was more than 10 years ago in my 1st marriage.

I did call Courts, they demanded me to clear at least half of the $11k if not they will declare me as a bankrupt. As I have told them I have no lump sum to pay. I can only afford to pay $200 per month. But they deny me saying that they will not entertain my request.

Gilbert, I can’t ask for help from my family and wife’s family as before we were married my life was haywire. I went in and out from jail many times. After 2nd marriage for about 4 years, I’m on my right path.

I also did apply for BTO flat and will get keys in 2 years’ time. My wife has already paid $30k for the deposit of our flat through CPF. And I can’t afford to be bankrupt.

Please help to save my family Gilbert. I don’t know what else to do. I thought of doing 2nd job but I am already working 12 hours a day. Hope to hear from you soon Gilbert, thank you for your time.



Hi Ali

Hi sorry unfortunately we only help to clear backlogged bills eg SP TC or home rental.

Courts is home improvement so we cant really help you much.

My apology.

Do try and work out a repayment plan if possible…I feel they will rather take it monthly from you than make you a bankrupt and received nothing.

Do you know about Credit counselling Sg?

They help individuals restructure loans. Do go and check out their website at

Take care and stay strong.



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