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Wednesday July 11th 2018

Jobless single mum faced HDB compulsory acquisition after owing $33,000 in mortgages

Hi Gilbert

My monthly mortgage repayment is about $900.

My last job was 3 months ago and my CPF was insufficient. I did not TOP up the cash portion as living cost is just too high.

I just received the 3rd letter from CPF rejecting again release of SA Funds.

My ex husband was bankrupt at time of divorce so there was also no alimony or shelter provided.

I had to start anew with my 2 kids and the Maintenance has been insufficient all these years. In fact he has reduced it on his own accord recently and was a constant recalcitrant not paying in time or at all.

I gave up on chasing the defaults as it took my time and emotion from work and also resulted in work terminations when I was emotionally distraught.

I’m having on off depression and amnesia and my job search is still ongoing. I have also emailed HDB officer for 3 more months’ extension but no reply yet.

I will be seeing the MP soon.


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