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Monday January 14th 2019

NES Global Talent – discrimination against local PMETs

NES GLOBAL TALENT is heavily biased for Caucasians. They don’t even want to look at your CV if you are not white.

The MD who is British-Australian from Australia and the regional director from UK who is based in Singapore – both are behind this preferred hiring.

The company even received a warning letter from MOM because of their discrimination – for the same experience locals are paid $3500 to $5000 while the white expats get $5500 to $7000 plus housing allowance and annual flight home.

Their reason for hiring whites is because they are better than locals or Asians. Yet these expats don’t do well and don’t have great relationships with their clients who are locals.


Editor’s note:  This article is retrieved from a comment posted under Blacklisted Companies.

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