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Monday January 14th 2019

Malaysian PMETs preferred in China over Singaporeans

Dear Gilbert,

Thanks for the quick feedback.

I know the package is not very attractive for a Singaporean.

Our management actually designated this position for a Malaysian.

We already have four Malaysians working for us and because they are excellent workers, my boss prefers Malaysians.

Their Chinese are much better than many Singaporeans I know (including myself).

Since this Sales Manager is going to work with me, he gave in to my request.

I know many other bosses also prefer Malaysians to fill their Expat vacancies because the Malaysians typically will be very happy if they get anything between 15k-20k rmb for a job like this one.

Even home trips to Malaysia via MAS/Air Asia is also cheaper. SIA is so bloody expensive that I usually take my CNY home trip 2 weeks later.

Recently I got a 1st class honours graduate Malaysian engineer working for me.

He only asks for 12k rmb.

I know expenses and cost of living is high in Singapore.

I thought I can make some small contribution to your effort to help those who are displaced by the “FTs” and desperately need a job.

Eventually I think the Chinese expat jobs will also run dry. Don’t know where to go next…

It is tough been a Singaporean now.

You may want to visit this website to see what is happening in China:-

There was an article yesterday about the Chinese police raiding some Chinese cities and confiscated 50,000 copies of (ready for sale) fake Diplomas.

I wonder how many of these have gotten through to Singapore and I can tell you, this is only the tip of the iceberg

Keep in touch.

Thank you.

With best regards,



Hi Gilbert,

I have managed to convince my boss to consider a Singaporean for the post and have place the ad for the sales manager in the Singapore

I also managed to convince him to take a person up to the age of 45 years old (it was 40 before).

I did not get many applications from Singapore .

I thought the wage income of between 18-23K rmb (~$3.8k to $4.8k) + commission + home trips + accommodation should attract some jobless Singaporeans but I guess I was wrong.

Many Malaysians responded and some even still working in Singapore , probably looking for a change to a bigger market.

If anyone you know looking for a job, please direct them to or write to me.

We’ll do the selection end of week 1 in Sept.

Important note:

Must be >30 years old

Possesses a related degree.

2-3 years sales experience minimum.

This will make the W-P application easier.

(Please don’t quote me) unconfirmed sources told me that Malaysian applicants are finding it hard to get W-P in China.

Maybe South China Sea politics at play here

Thank you.

With best regards,



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2 Responses to “Malaysian PMETs preferred in China over Singaporeans”

  1. Tan Yan Ren says:

    IF WE can have a Foreign Prime Minister , Ministers, etc for say 20K a month plus… etc… and CAN DO a BETTER JOB than the PAP , why must Singapore PAY these PAP leaders MILLIONS to fuck Singaporeans in their unfair, and insulting policies… This is the same argument for our anger at PAP in their BAD policies for decades and still they think they are RIGHT… WQE MUST REMOVE theM at all cost SINCE we HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE with or without them…MAYBE bETTER OFF if someone else take over… my analogy is Right because when you punish a child so badly that he feels like DIRT, poisoning you is easy because it can only enhance his life… I HOPE thev PAP ios reading this analogy because they are going to face the truth SOON if they dont change..with a V turn… they treat PAs and Foreigners and THEMSELVES well at the expense of Singaporeans!!!!

  2. hongkies hongkeys three (3) passports Australian British Canadian United States America BN(O) MULTIPLE CITIZENSHIP says:

    The love triangles vis-à-vis the fact that Singapore has the highest percentage of foreign-born/foreigners as a proportion of its population OUTSIDE the Arabian Gulf are getting MORE interesting!

    Singapore is a city-cum-NATION state that has the HIGHEST percentage of foreigners of its population outside the Arabian Gulf.

    However, the Gulf Arabs enjoy a plethora of privileges foreigners will NEVER be able to obtain such as, inter alia, guaranteed employment, welfare and citizenship (foreigners CANNOT even be permanent residents [PRs] in any Gulf States).

    Do NOT start me going what happens if a stinkaporean couple has a disproportionately HIGH number of MALE children all born with solely the nationality of a “city, not country” (think the world’s HIGHE$T PAID law-cum-foreign affairs minister காசிவிஸ்வநாதன் “கே” சண்முகம்) amid the PLUMMETING birth rates.

    By the way, you may all like to find out more about HIS colleague MALE Singaporean DOCTOR ஜனில் புதுச்சேரி in relation to the fact that professionalism does NOT equate with patriotism.

    All best,
    “hongkies hongkeys three (3) passports Australian British Canadian United States America BN(O) MULTIPLE CITIZENSHIP”

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