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Monday January 14th 2019

American paid $7000/month for position in Grab – no Singaporean can do!?

I recently got a job offer as a product designer for Grab in Singapore with a monthly offer of $7k SGD a month.

I’m American, I got my bachelor’s degree from University of California, Santa Barbara, and have work experience in the Bay Area/Silicon Valley. Grab HR applied for my EP three and a half weeks ago, and the status is still pending.

Why is this taking so long? Should I be worried?



Hi, I am a Master’s graduate in information technology from top university in Singapore.

I have 2 years’ work experience back in India. I have received a job offer from a reputed IT firm , since their foreign quota is over they asking me to join in DP ( which I am eligible for since my husband is working in EP).

If the employer submits the loc will it get approved? Is there any salary range for DP?




I got a job offer from NTU as research fellow. HR applied for my EP on 1st June. Still no reply from MOM. When I check the status with my travel document. its showing Error no records found.

I asked HR by email – they said EP pass is waiting for MOM clearance.

Any idea?? Thanks


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