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Wednesday January 16th 2019

Jobless Singaporean seeks assistance from public after MP couldn’t help him

Hi Mr Gilbert Goh,

It has been some time since I last wrote to you. I am sorry it’s because I am not at the right frame of mind after I was terminated from my job 2 months ago.

I was fired from my job as a boatman about 2 months’ ago because I related this parking summon problem and having arrears in the rental of the flat to my boss. I just wanted to take some advance loan that’s all. But the company decided straight away and asked me to leave. This is a cruel world…

As I have message you earlier on I am facing a possible jail sentence for parking a vehicle without placing coupons. The problem arose last year when I tried to make a living driving Uber. It was because Uber/LCR car rental did not give me any road tax disc and letter to apply for season parking.

Hence I was given summons on some days when I park in the parking lot after using up all my hourly parking coupons.

As for my bigger headache is with HDB, I went to plead with my MP many times to lower my rental explaining that I got a CPF-contributed job for 3 months only. HDB also found out that I have a salary of more than $1,500 for my new job and they subsequently up the rental to $111 from $26.

Finally HDB approved and lowered the rent back to $26 upon appeal. But they would not waive the arrears which add up to a big amount as I have not been able to work for some time due to my depression sickness.

As such, I plead with you Mr Gilbert Goh if you are kind to help me appeal to the public where some better-off people can help me out of this rut? I have a wife who’s unable to work and a daughter now attending university in Indonesia. They are both Indonesians.

I have not seen them for the past four years and missed them a lot.

I really have been stressed out all these many months not knowing what to do.

Please help bro Gilbert Goh, Will really appreciate if at least I can have a clear mind and have the strength to get to work.

I have so far received 2 letters of eviction from HDB.

Brother Gilbert Goh, those letters from HDB saying they will assist or there is social welfare assist are all lies. I personally brought these letters there many times to appeal but MSF office say no they cannot help with this. I am really lost brother.

Sometimes I think of ending my life. But I still love my daughter so much I have to come out of this. Please bro do something to help me.

Yours faithfully.


Editor’s note: We have check with HDB online and found that the HDB rental default is now standing at $2424.  The unpaid parking summons remains at $950. Any assistance from Good Samaritan is much appreciated.

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One Response to “Jobless Singaporean seeks assistance from public after MP couldn’t help him”

  1. daniel lee says:

    Franking speaking ,I’not sure whether his words can be trusted.
    Since last year, there is no requirement to display the road tax disc.
    furthermore to purchase a season parking, you do not need letter from lion city rental.

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