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Tuesday January 15th 2019

Wife asking for our ebook for unemployed husband of 5 years

Hi Gilbert

May I have the e version of the book? My husband has been unemployed for 5 years and are on meds for depression.

He is better at managing his moods now but the fear of rejection which comes with job seeking paralyses him.

He has been rejecting all forms of help. He is only willing recently the past one year to see the psychiatrist n get his meds, but even though the psychiatrist has emphasised the need to have psychotherapy or counselling and even fixed the appointments for him but he would not turn up.

I think this email counselling is my last hope of getting him the help that is critical. What is the best approach? I have sent him the link to your website, yet to send the e-book.

When I asked him to take a look, he did not want to respond to me.



Hi Kathy

Sorry to hear that about your hubby’s situation.

Man’s greatest barrier is the ego and often they will want to have total self-control. We feel that we are lesser of a man if we seek help which is not right of course.

We are born to be solution-focused and once we can’t control our own destiny we feel lost and paralysed.

But that’s the reality and also why mostly only women seek help so far.

Do show him the support he needs and be around when he is down.

Slowly let him be the man that he needs to be eg financial management, where to go and eat, etc.

We can’t force him to seek help also and only pray that he gets out of it himself but 6 years is a long time to go jobless.

Let us know if he needs further assistance.


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  1. freeman land says:

    Hi Kathy,

    Ask your husband go out and take any job or work. No matter what job it is.

    The primary objective now is to get out of current situation. Don’t stuck in it, not even reading will help him.


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