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Monday January 14th 2019

Australian expat enquiring on employment using social visitor pass

Is it possible to seek employment on a visitor pass as long as the employer then organises an employment pass? This is someone who is university educated in finance on over $100000 a year. Prior to it stopping they would have had applied for the employment pass eligibility certificate however now what do people do?

Does the intention to seek employment have to be disclosed to immigration?

We are de facto but even if we’re married we can’t apply for a dependent pass. I think because my employment pass is for a specific training post (I’m a doctor). We’re Australian so it’s 90 days I think. He has interviews/meetings lined up but should he say he is just ‘visiting’ me and have the return flight booked at end of 90 days? Or can he be honest and say that he is looking for work (but still have flight booked as back up?)



There is no problem looking for a job while here on a social visit pass. You cannot get an employment pass yourself. Only your employer can apply for your employment pass and it’s only good for that single employer.

First of all the potential employer will have to justify to the MOM just WHY it is necessary to hire a foreigner if there are substantial numbers of suitably qualified local that can do the job. IF you get past that hurdle (probably the hardest at the moment) then you have to qualify with your education AND substantial experience.

If you get past that point, then the offer has to be sufficiently high enough to warrant and Employment Pass. Pass all three, you probably have your EP. But there are no guarantees or automatic passes if you “qualify”.

There are online testers on the MOM site to see if you are eligible to apply where you enter your university degree and field and experience. It doesn’t mean you will get approved but just means they will accept your application, rather than just bouncing it when it’s submitted, but still isn’t a guarantee that you will get anything at all.


Editor’s note: The article is retrieved from entries posted on Singapore Expats forum.

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