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Tuesday January 15th 2019

Story of a young investor schemed by the infamous Fan brothers

Hello Gilbert,

I read your article online, shared by one of my friends. It is written that the Fan Brothers recruiting the naive to join their large corporate. This is the actual story of their many ways in recruiting:

I was approached by a friend I wasn’t close with. This friend, named *Kay persuaded me to attend their sharing sessions after sharing many situations and visuals of being rich. I was asked to share about the wants and needs in life, where I was encouraged to dream bigger, and work together with the people present in the session. After all the ideal talks, I was asked to sit down to talk to the person who invited me over, named Kay, and was asked to give an amount to join them in this conquest of being rich. Of course, tempted and amazed by this idea, I told them I was eager to be onboard in this amazing ‘system’ they called. Even when my bank is emptied, they had me hyped about the idea of giving my money to them, to take their courses. Yes, I joined for a good thousand of dollars.

They talked me into, ‘not telling my parents’, because they wouldn’t agree to their child joining this platform. Which was true, my parents were really upset that I gave them such a large amount that a mere student had to earn off hard part-time jobs. Also, they coaxed me to the ATM to take out the money for them even when I told them I didn’t have the financial capabilities. Curious with the phrase they used, “you can earn and learn at the same time”, I asked one of them if this ‘platform’ worked like a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) system. They confidently and reassuringly answered “No, I don’t like this system either.” It was a lie itself.

Then, caught in this situation, I am desperate to get my money back. I felt ashamed of all the trust my parents gave me with handling my own finances, and I used it in a place where I couldn’t get it back, because I had integrity, instead of marketing it to all the other peers I could’ve fooled into this ‘system’. Like how they had coaxed me into it.

I am perplexed with the current situation, where I have to find other sources to get back the amount I had confidently spent in this ‘platform’. I am confused and upset for all the struggles I had to go through to earn this amount I had spent on them. They called themselves the iCare System, but did they really cared? All the educations they made up were only to give false ideals to those hoping for a genuine change in their lives.

Please seek justice for us, I urged. Please stop this ‘system’, please stop letting people falling into their traps. Where these predators prey on the weak and the desperate. We are all entitled to have courage and dreams, but it should not be used for these predators to feed on. Please bring justice to these people who don’t deserve it.

Best regards,

Editor’s note: if you are a victim of the Fan brothers’ ponzi scam, please write in to us. Do make a police report first so that you have a official statement on the scheme.

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2 Responses to “Story of a young investor schemed by the infamous Fan brothers”

  1. Ajohor says:

    1) Lodge a police report under CAD
    2) If you are below 18 when you sign the agreement, it is not valid unless parental consent is given. You will need to ensure the dates.
    3)Seek legal advice on best way to claim dependent on amount and age

  2. fm says:

    must be another DUMBFARK PAP-voting Sinkie

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