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Tuesday January 15th 2019

Needy family whose husband just released from prison requesting for aid assistance


Hi Sir,

My husband has just being released from prison on the 15th of August due to his parking summons and now he is still on warrant arrest for another 2 summons. We have made an  appeal at HDB but we were told to settle the remaining 2 summons quickly.

Since his release on the 15th Aug, he has been going for interview. With the help of a NGO he received $30 cash  for ezlink top-up from a nearby FSC.

My SSO application is still processing.

Both hubby and me are  in need of cash for transport to find job. With $30 used up already and today I went to SSO to ask if they can provide any transport money but they can’t help. SSO asked me to wait for my application to be approved in 4 to 6 weeks’ time.

How am I and hubby to find work if we have no cash for transport?

We are also using the Pay u meter for our electrical appliances.

Any Samaritan can help us for this?

Both of us really give up going here and there for government help. My kids go to school without SPM (school pocket money) – only ezlink card with them.


Editor’s note: If you are keen to assist the family, please let us know. The vehicle is a lorry and belongs to the company that the husband is working for. The company deducted his pay supposedly to pay for his traffic fines when he was still working as a prime mover with them but they didn’t resulting in a 12-day fine for 9 offences from 2013 to 2014. He is no longer under their employment now and has a driver license class 3, 4 and 5.  If any employer is keen to hire him please let us know.

The court also allows him to pay the rest of the traffic fines in instalment format ie $95 monthly for 10 instalments wef 30 Apr 2017.

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2 Responses to “Needy family whose husband just released from prison requesting for aid assistance”

  1. Hi

    I would like to connect with the family.

    Please send them my contact details.


    Thank you

  2. james says:

    I am wondering why this couple never save some money for rainy days? As a family with kids and no money for transportation is really very serious. Seriously there are more other people that really needed help. This website is becoming a charitable website. A place to look for money.

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