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Tuesday January 22nd 2019

Korean PMET enquiring for opportunities in oil & gas industry here


I am currently based in Seoul with career background in O&G and EPC sectors.

I recently worked as a management consultant for Korea EPC companies, but had to leave due to decreased oil prices and projected projects. I am trying to move to a company not from consulting area, but its quiet tough because of the market shrink here.

So, I am expanding my eyes to find jobs including Singapore which is a hub of energy market in AP but wondering if I could have chance with my career background – any advice/suggestion would be welcomed.

I have 8-year career experience including an IOC and major consulting firms with overseas working experience (majorly participated in EPC and energy related projects for operational excellence and analytical pjt). I recently had an interview with a trading company which has a AP HQ in Singapore but seems their priority is hiring appliance who lives there.



Personally, I think it is a dangerous move at the moment. O&G here is in the doldrums and will be for a while as long as the barrel prices are as depressed as they are.

EPC projects are few and far between. My close friend from NZ just left a 3-year project with Pertamina in Surabaya, Indo and was trying to find something for the past two years to get back into Singapore where he owns a condo and ‘was’ a PR – lost it due to the contract in Indonesia.

He just left for a 1-year contract with JGCON in VN. He has worked in the region for the past 20 years and with JGC previously but the pickings are few and far between at the moment. KepFels has about half of their contracts for newbuilds in the jackup/semisub areas of O&G rigs building for the coming year put on hold and they have recently downsize their workforce by around 5000 men.

If you have something longish term there, I believe I’d sit on it for the next 6 to 12 months until we see where it’s going. But that’s only my view from my feelers on the ground here.


Editor’s note: This article is retrieved from a comment posted in Singapore Expats forum.

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One Response to “Korean PMET enquiring for opportunities in oil & gas industry here”

  1. xyz says:

    Good riddance to these overpaid arrogant sons of bitches. O&G mainly benefits expats & a small minority of elites in S’pore. From 2006 to 2015 they were partying and laughing & spitting into the faces of ordinary Sinkies, while we had to bear with high inflation, constant electricity increases.

    While the collapse of O&G and related Offshore & Marine also whacked SembCorp and Keppel, but such companies also mostly employed foreigners. 99.99% of local ordinary Sinkies don’t benefit from a booming O&G or O&M industries.

    The collapse of oil prices also helped ordinary people by suppressing inflation. If you’re complaining about price increases today, imagine that if oil prices remained high, you will be whacked 2X or 3X worse!!! Oil prices don’t just affect electricity — it also affects transport & cost of manufacturing. With most of our food & goods being imported, high oil prices will jack up prices across the board.

    Oil prices may go up in 2018, but hopefully over the long term will remain subdued. Thanks also to many alternative energy sources that have become more economical in recent years.

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