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Thursday January 24th 2019

PMET facing dismissal or own resignation from bank due to performance

Hi Gilbert -  Good day to you.

I am Peter and I have met-up with you years back for advice, when I was in transition.

Now I am caught in a tough situation that would use your advice on what are the next steps that I can do?

Background:  I am currently working in a Bank in Singapore,  My immediate Manager spoke to me last week and he mentioned to me that my current job performance does not meet his expectations and thus not fit to be part of his team.

He has given me the below options for considerations:

1.  resign on my own voluntarily (without any compensations)

2.  explore for transfer to other departments within the Bank on my own but this will subject to availability of vacancies and also whether my current skill sets meet the requirements of the job as well.

3.  face termination by the Bank

FYI – I joined the current team only recently and I was NOT given any ‘JD’  - Job Description or KPIs to be achieved for the year and there was also NO appraisal being done to assess my current job performance.

My immediate Manager requires me to get back to him on which of the 3 options (as above) that I will choose by next week.

Please advised asap on what I need to do or the next course of actions available for me to pursue, as I am of the opinion that my immediate Managers does NOT have the right to do this and imposed the above on me?




Hi Peter

Thanks for your mail and sorry to hear of your predicament.

The employment laws in Singapore is very lax and employers seem to have the upper hand when it comes to hiring and firing.

You can plead your case with MOM but I doubt that they can help you much. There is also no proper Ombudsman whereby you can seek proper redress on any work place dispute.

The onus is now on the supervisor to change his mind and put in a good word for you but I don’t see that coming else this won’t happen.

In any developed countries, the staff counselling will come in for progressive evaluation of performance and only after over a period of time will the axe fall when there is no measured improvement in performance.

Employees here have to catch up very fast with work performance and there is little patience on the part of the employers to groom and train any employees who are seem to be lacking.

As for your company,  please don’t take it too personally else it may affect you

psychologically as well deepening the pain. Try to learn the episode so you can be better at your job in future.

Are there any areas that you can improve on and what are some courses that you can take to try and overcome the shortfall?

Lastly, I would also advise resign and take any benefit if possible and try to move on from there. The bank can easily terminate without any valid reason. Resignation sounds better than a termination as it may leave a black mark on your resume affecting your future employment opportunities.

Fighting the bank may be a losing battle given how the employment rules favour employers more.

Of course, seeking a internal transfer is the best available option if you have the resources to do so but it may allow you to buy some time while out looking for another job.

Take care and stay strong. Every battle in our short life makes us stronger…

Thanks & Warmest Regards,

Gilbert Goh

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Reader Feedback

3 Responses to “PMET facing dismissal or own resignation from bank due to performance”

  1. xyz says:

    Sounds like you’re in RM position selling so-called investment & insurance products in a bank. Just like some insurance jobs with basic salary, you need to hit monthly sales targets in order to avoid being fired. And also must sell their preferred types of products.

    Ask the sales manager to repeat the options, and you secretly recording down his speech. If you have trusted colleague willing to secretly video even better (but I doubt so).

    After that, go to HR & play the recording and ask them if this is company policy — record their reply if you can. The bank will probably pay you 1 month’s salary & ask you to leave immediately, but at least you’ll make life slightly difficult for that manager, and your leaving can be recorded as “resignation” — get the bank to give you black & white official letter to confirm.

    In addition to secretly recording, the next best option is to ask for internal transfer. This is essentially BS as it’s very difficult to find back or middle office bank jobs, and your manager not supporting you with strong recommendation, and I suspect your experience/age/qualifications don’t meet what banks are looking for in terms of back/middle office jobs.

    This is to simply drag for time. In the meantime quickly start sourcing around for alternative jobs. Or maybe you’ll get lucky & manage to get a customer to buy a big product from you, thereby extending your “life” by another couple of months.

    Finally, ask yourself if you’re going to continue in banking/insurance sales? Obviously cultivating customers & selling is not your strength. If you decide that you’re not going to continue in this line, then you can just heck care, play for time, beg your manager to give you more chances, etc etc …. basically stretch your time as long as possible, and if the bank fires you, so be it …. you’ll get your salary in the meantime.

    Speaking from personal experience! I didn’t get that much discrimination from subsequent companies (non-banking/ non-sales) and I very openly explained the real scenario to them. :)

  2. Richard says:

    Option 1 is a big no-no … Go for no. 2, maybe you will get transferred to a dept where the boss can accommodate your performance and character.

    Please do not resign without a job offer onhand.

  3. SG says:

    I find it soooooooooooo funny by recording the options manager offered!!!!!
    And you think that will get the manager into trouble???

    It seem obvious that the performance is an issue, giving termination options is not of any fault, take it positively, manager is doing the company and the staff good by providing alternative instead of firing.
    MOM might even think this is a good approach..
    No point carry on when you cannot do the job, you are ripping off the company.

    Sad to say, it is common that the staff ranking employees seem to have mindset issue..
    I would admit few in this web is unlucky and deserve sympathy, but i observed most have personal issue rather than environment.

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