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Sunday January 13th 2019

MOE bond defaulter owes $67,000 and unconvinced about its repayment scheme

Dear Mr Gilbert Goh,

I am writing to you after reading your article regarding an NIE student who have failed practicum.

I myself is in the same situation as the lady and I would like to know if there is any response to the appeal sent to Minister Heng Swee Kiat.

I have been paying my liquidated damages of $400 a month since 2012 and based on MOE’s calculations, It barely goes towards the principal sum of $67000. Most of it goes towards the repayment of interest.

I am not a financial expert and does not have access to any. I am not sure how the figure is derived.

Is there any loan-repayment expert from your team which I can get advice from.

Warmest Regards,


Editor’s note: The repayment loan scheme to MOE s calculated at 5.5% interest.

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One Response to “MOE bond defaulter owes $67,000 and unconvinced about its repayment scheme”

  1. Texas says:

    The evil part-timers regime … want everyone to owe them a living !!!

    Ali … you are slave to debt of the brutal regime …

    If you are not further lucky … you can be sued … until “your pants drop” !!!

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