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Monday January 14th 2019

Foreign talent gave up PR status as income of $100,000/year not enough to survive

Even a day is too much. I got the whole thing done in one hour.

I phoned up ICA and asked for details they told me to bring in the same documents as mentioned in the SMS. But when I asked them what is the procedure if I cannot bring my wife over they said its ok just get her signature on the same letter. My wife’s intuition is much better than mine so she suggested I get her signature on a blank page and take it with me just in case.

I made an e-appointment with ICA – there is no category for PR cancellation so I choose “renew my entry permit”. This was the first appointment Monday morning at 8.15am – booked flights to arrive on Sunday and went in, explained the situation to the immigration officer and she said that since I didn’t bring my wife with me I`ll need a letter authorizing me to act on behalf of her! The blank signature page sure came in handy ! Afterwards, she took both our passports and stamped cancellation seals on them where the IC number was stamped on – issued 3 letters to me. 2 of them are acknowledging that our PR is renounced for both me and my wife and another sheet with a temp visa allowing me 30 days in Singapore (which I have to surrender at immigration).

Everything was done by 8.45 I hopped on a cab to the CPF building at Tanjong Pagar (Robinson road) There was again no queue – so was served first up. Every counter has a screen/keyboard/mouse terminal on it for your own use. The lady behind the counter asked if I remember my Singpass then she helped me through the process of submitting online. Updated my new contact details. I choose a bank transfer which she advised would take up to 20 working days – Giro is faster but that needs to be setup earlier. I stepped out of the building at 9.10am – got my flight changed for an extra fee checked out early and was home the next day !

Still a little sad when I open up my wallet to see the spot where I used to keep my blue IC card… Singapore is great if you are a single earning just about $100k a year…but with a family, $100k doesn’t quite last.

After exactly 15 working days I got an email from ICA that my funds are credited. The 16th day the funds were already in my Singapore bank account. You can find the processing times here…..rounds.htm

Editor’s note: This article is retrieved from a comment posted in Singapore Expats forum page.

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2 Responses to “Foreign talent gave up PR status as income of $100,000/year not enough to survive”

  1. Sake says:

    It seems like that FT was being sacked or ask to leave or another Huang Jinx …tat’s why leave abruptly , go for the locals, it make way for another job opening or izit reserved for another spr FT…

  2. Chia Li Kiang says:

    There are real issues to be solved by the Authorities whoever responsible for the mess generated over the years of self believe that all is well. Kindly look into the roots of those problems only solution is to start from the TOP of the iceberg then we can make peace with all Singaporeans rich or poor.
    God blessed

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