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Monday January 14th 2019

30 reasons not to work in ACP Computer Training & Consultancy

ACP Computer Training & Consultancy

I have been working at ACP Computer Training & Consultancy full-time (more than a year).

There is good chance for a foreigner to start their first job in Singapore because they hired foreigners for lesser salary. But here are 30 reasons why you should not join them:-

1. Everything is messed up. No working plans. everything depend on MD. He plans,  involve and change existing pre planed things. They have started as computer repair shop and they do not have basic software development knowledge.
2. Stupid management – they do not know IT & management.
3. Tight and unplanned tasks because plans change always.
4. High employee turn-over so all projects messed up. No documentation.
5. NO increment, NO bonus.
6. They say you can claim time off  and accumulated time off but they will never allow you to take it.
7. NO experienced developers, NO experience project managers. Everybody fresh graduates. development experience null
8. No big projects. Just customising CMS and LMS. Cannot get real development experience
9. MD and GM does not know about IT and Management so the dealing with them is very difficult.
10. Quality of works less than 10%. So cannot get good experience.
11. Any time you can be terminated without any given valid reason.
12.More project manager than developers. Some times you will get tasks from two or more PMS.
13. Any time you can be asked to clean the bin if pantry lady is absent.
14. Any time you can be ruthlessly charged huge amount for their mistakes
15. Asked to get annual leave instead of MC
16. You have to spend more time to think about internal politics rather than finishing your tasks.
17. Most of the plans will not continue as it planned.
19. If they know you want to leave they will not allow you to submit your resignation instead they will give you a termination letter with notice.
20. You cannot plan your annual leave early because any time they will cancel or they will not approve last minute. Most of the time they will ask you to cancel or change your leave.
21. Office starts 8.30am and if you late they will deduct your salary and working minutes for that month.
22. If you work late. they will not pay you. If you are late fallowing day still they will deduct your salary.
23. There is no team lunch, or team gathering organised by the company.
24. If you leave company, no farewell. No nothing.
25. Nobody leave happily. In my 2 years’ working experience. I have seen nearly 15 people left the company. Last movement was same for all. Its worst.
26. Their Facebook fan page has 220 likes for past 15 years and suddenly one day it goes to 5500 likes, because they pay somebody for fake likes. If you see the page you can see the history so you have to work in a cheating company.
27. Most of the time you have to lie to the clients on behalf of the company.
28. No taxi transport claim during day time. You have to spend from your bus card.
29. There are no new technologies. Do not expect huge experience.
30. NO use of the experience unless you are not doing your own practice of coding.


Editor’s note: This article is taken from a comment posted on Blacklisted Companies. The post is being editted for editorial content.

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