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Tuesday January 15th 2019

PMET committed suicide over work-related problems but survived

Hi Mr. Goh,

My name is Daryl. I am 36 this year.

I stumbled upon your website while googling for related information.

First of all, thank you for the community services which you and your team are providing for Singaporeans. I have held several jobs in the past with different industries. I do not possess an excellent resume.

By strokes of unforeseen circumstances, I have always encountered various work-related life problems leading to my suicide back in December 2015.

I was successful in ending my life, however, I was also fortunate enough to be revived by the doctors after 4 minutes of clinical death.

After realizing how silly I was to end my life, I jumped right back to work soon after my discharge and even attended my reservist training during my hospitalization leave.

I left my last job because I was convinced that I would be posted away and quit not long after as I also couldn’t cope well with my recovery process in the new office.

I have since healed properly and fully. I am a passionate Singaporean and extremely concerned about my own future along with many others who have call Singapore home.

It felt more and more like a death trap as I am acutely aware of many social, economic and personal struggles every low and middle income families are facing with an unemployed family member.

I am writing in to you with the intention of expanding my job search capabilities and perhaps if possible, coaching as I want to put an end to my current situation.

I have approached WSG in the past and sent out various resumes on and one other recruitment portals overseas. I am considering working overseas to seize every opportunity that I can possibly get hold of.

I am nearing my wits with my finances and I want to pick myself up and move out of my own predicament this time around. I’m surrendering my savings insurance to tide this period out.

Thank you for reading my email till this point. What can I do at this point Mr. Goh?

How can I be qualified for a face-to-face interaction? Ironically, I was a basic counsellor myself in the past.

I had some reservations before writing this email but I decided if I really needed help, I should forgo my perceived identity and be open to help.

However, if I may ask, are you related to any statutory boards or in any way affiliated with any political parties? I am asking because I do not want complications or consequences with my past or prospective employers.

I hope you can understand my reservations and situation. I am lost in the sea of bewilderment.

Hope to hear from you again.

Sincerely thankful,

Daryl (name changed)

Editor’s note: We are trying to schedule a appointment to see the writer as soon as possible. If you suffer from work-related depression and would like to speak with one of our counsellors, please let us know. Most of our counselling services are available pro-bono. We also have career coaching services available free of charge.

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