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Sunday October 22nd 2017

Expats enquiring on a comfortable salary to live in Singapore…$200,000?


We may be relocating to Singapore by the end of the year. What is a expectable salary for a family of four to live comfortably?

We would have one school-age child that would go to the International School, another child who is four – but may send to a Pre-school to save on school fees.

We would want to live in River Valley area, paying around $4k a month – husband will commute to the city for work.

We would want to enjoy life, using taxis, exploring on weekends etc eating out now and again.

We were thinking $200k at the lowest??

Any advice would be amazing!!!


flickday » Thu, 22 Jun 2017 7:12 pm

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One Response to “Expats enquiring on a comfortable salary to live in Singapore…$200,000?”

  1. xyz says:

    Hahaha, how come using Jim Roger’s family photo? He’s staying in SG to escape US taxes, but still don’t want to give up US citizenship. His whole family is having PR status. Currently staying in Bt Timah ministers’ neighbourhood, but don’t think he owns the GCB he’s staying in coz not citizen.

    As for the enquirer, his question is already full of grammatical mistakes. Which basically reinforces my observations and 1st-hand knowledge that they can talk cock, but cannot produce quality work. Or even work hard.

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