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Thursday January 17th 2019

39-year-old jobless homeless PMET struggling with gambling addiction

Hi Gilbert

I’m a 39-year-old male who is homeless, jobless, feeling hopeless and seeking help and counselling.

In the past, I’ve been a person who resort to gambling each time I have financial situation. Gambling is never a solution, which I believe even a gambler knows that. But everytime I just couldn’t help myself and get sucked into it.

Eventually I got myself into lots of debts and trouble. My family gave me more than enough chances to redeem myself but each time I just didn’t cherish it. They used up their life savings to help me clear my debts. Though I did not have as much debts as before, I’m still sticking to gamble out my way.

Just few days ago whilst my family went for holiday, I took my mums money which she left on top of the cabinet to gamble as I needed to pay a few hundred dollars debt. ¬†No doubt, ¬†I lost everything again. And when my parents came back, I was chased put of the house. The best part of me is I am currently jobless, which is why I can’t even fork out a few hundred dollars to pay my debts. ¬†But I’m actively looking for a job and I’m not a lazy person.

I’m not sure how you can help me. I’m writing in not to talk about my debts as I believe as long as I have a job, debts can be settled. ¬†I just want to lead a new life, start all over again as soon as possible. My parents are already in their late 60s, ¬†I don’t know how many more years I can be with them. At this point of time, ¬†I can’t and I won’t go home til I showed everyone I’ve changed, ¬†changed to a better person.


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  1. Bubbly says:

    Call NATIONAL COUNCIL ON PROBLEM GAMBLING hotline : 1800-6-668-668 for free counselling
    or check out their website :.

    Quit gambling now before it completely ruined your life. It’s not easy but please believe that with strong will power and perserverance, you can overcome it. Good luck.

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