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Monday January 14th 2019

15 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get That Job



When one finds it hard to get a job or a satisfied job,  it could be due to many  reasons:

1) You might have enough experience and  knowledge but some employers prefer to hire those fresh and cheap, so what can you do?

2) You might be fresh and  cheap but the employers wanted someone with enough experience and  knowledge. They don’t want to invest time energy and  time to train you.

3) You might have enough experience and  knowledge but you don’t have a degree. Many MNCs and  even some SMEs require the applicants to be a degree holder. No degree no talk.

4) Yes, you have many WSQ cert and  you have a degree or maybe even a MBA or PhD but sorry, the employers want someone with enough experience and  knowledge.

5) You have enough experience and  knowledge but sorry, the employers feel that your expected salary is too high. They are looking for someone with enough experience and  knowledge but much cheaper than you.

6) Sorry, we prefer to employ someone who is still single and  doesn’t have family burden cos we need him to work late and  travel often.

7) The job is more suitable for a female applicant to take up or the other way round. Do you get to see a lot female warehouse manager or male cosmetic salesman?

8) We prefer to hire someone below 40 years old. We want young ones & not you old uncle or old auntie. So what you have dip/deg. So what you have experience and  knowledge.

9) The employer want to hire you and  willing to train you & send you for courses but you must sign a bond with them. If you resign then you must pay compensation. Some companies use this tactics to make employees slog, curb high turnover rate and  also to earn money.

10) Some supervisors, senior executives, managers or directors prefer someone who knows bootlicking. Do you know how and  can you do it?

11) Sorry, we want someone who is young & single with degree but has enough experience & knowledge and  very cheap. He/she must do things fast, work very hard, don’t mind work late and  can travel oftenly. If we need him/her to come back during the weekends and  PH, he/she must come come. He/she must also knows bootlicking. Are you the one?

12) Why don’t I hire that diploma guy instead of that degree guy? I can pay less and  his diploma also won’t pose a threat to my position too.

13) The HR manager, operation manager, accountant or boss don’t like your face. Perhaps they find that you don’t look bright enough for the job or maybe too bright and  they afraid you might be hard to control. Who knows you might challenge them and  argue with them oneday.

14) Aiya, Singaporeans won’t take up this type of job  lah. Surely resign after one or two days. Lets hire a foreigner. It’s cheap and  good.

15) Others………..too many various reasons, cannot  finish lah.

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7 Responses to “15 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get That Job”

  1. jj says:

    16) Thank you for applying but we prefer diplomas from local polytechnics and degrees from local universities i.e NUS, NTU SMU & SUTD.

    But my school is approved by Council for Private Education (CPE)and my diploma & degree are from Australia unversities.

    Sorry, we really prefer prefer diplomas from local polytechnics and degrees from local universities i.e NUS, NTU SMU & SUTD. Thank you for applying, bye.

    What can you do about it?

  2. Tim says:

    Obviously not many people will be offered a job in their first interview. Regardless of why you were not hired, it is better not to dwell on the reasons because like jj has highlighted there are many and all of them are unpleasant. Chances are you also will not last long in the job with a boss that like. So, don’t give up and sooner or later you will find someone who can appreciate you.

  3. jj says:

    17) Certain companies prefer to hire employee from certain ethnic group or able to speak & write certain lanuage.

    Being jobless & poor is something miserable. To get a job with gd working environment, gd colleagues, gd career prospect, understanding superior & reasonable wage isn’t easy. Who doesn’t want that? This sometimes got a deal to do with luck.

    The reason why i listed out various reasons why we fail to get the desire job that we want is to let others know that sometimes the fault doesn’t lie on us. It is just that the hiring requirement & process has became complicating & weird.

    Since i have listed out these various reasons why we didn’t manage to get the desire job that we want. Anyone here of course can help to list out these various reasons why we manage to get the desire job that we want.

  4. jj says:

    18) You saw a recruitment ad & you apply for it with your resume. But it is actually just some sort of data or resume collection exercise conduct by the HR.

    They got no intention to hire new staff. They just want to know what is the current salary expectation by applicants; just in case when someone in the company suddenly resign, they will have no shortage of candidates to call; the skills & education level possess by applicants etc. Someone who worked in EPCOS AG told me this.

    It could be just some scams to capture your personal particulars. That explain why we kept receive call, sms & email from various insititues & companies.

  5. jj says:

    19) Some employers are just looking for employees with certain level of edu, lets say diploma level but you apply it with a bachelor. The education requirement is applicant must have a bachelor but you apply it with Master/PhD. The working experience requirement maybe lets say 2-3yrs but you stated that you have 8-10yrs of experience.

    Even if you tell them you don’t mind taking a lower pay. They might still feel that you are too over qualified for the job and you might not stay long for the job.

  6. 15) Others………..too many various reasons, cannot finish lah. :)

  7. sal says:

    The real world….its who you know and not what you know.The chances you get a job is better.

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