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Tuesday January 15th 2019

26-year-old local PMET struggling with unemployment after attending 5 interviews out of 100 applications

Dear Gilbert,

I’m a 26-year-old local university arts degree holder with 3.5 years of working experience. I resigned from the public service about 2 months ago as I felt that there were not much learning opportunities and was too stagnant and bureaucratic. I was earning a comfortable salary of about $60k per annum but decided to quit without securing another job as I was confident of my abilities and experience.

Since my resignation, I have applied to close to 100 jobs in the private sector that are related to my degree and were invited to only 4-5 job interviews. Is this normal? Also, I have had no job offers so far even though my asking pay is about 50k per annum, which is more than 10% pay cut.

I have many graduate friends in similar scenarios where they are either working temporary/contract jobs, underpaid, or unsuccessful in seeking alternative employment despite having both relevant education and experience.

Many have resorted to becoming property/insurance agents or just signing on with the various uniformed groups where jobs are easier to get. Do we have too many graduates as a result of the blind paper chase and education system?

Are our jobs being taken by foreign talents? The future seems bleak for young Singaporeans.


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6 Responses to “26-year-old local PMET struggling with unemployment after attending 5 interviews out of 100 applications”

  1. Despo says:

    Just on one question for the author.
    Who did u voted for in the last election?
    If u votes the MIW, then u already got the garmen u deserve.

  2. qww says:

    26 year old with only 3.5 years working experience and you are already earning $60k per year???

    I will not resign when I am in your shoe.

  3. Lucky says:

    Arts degree can earn $60K? Wow you are really lucky.

  4. xyz says:

    Public sector pay is among the highest in S’pore now — probably among the best paid in the world for average normal people, on purchasing power basis comparison.

    For the past few years, total bonus around 3 months including performance bonus for typical above-average grade.

    That means 15 mths = $60K — $4K per month. That’s very good for just 3.5 yrs experience in govt service — mostly just admin work — plenty of emailing, typing of reports & papers, some powerpoint presentations, etc.

    Sure, you can get higher in private sector. But you must have proven track record, dynamic personality, and to last long-term, you also need to learn new things fast & produce results quickly. Otherwise you may simply fail your probation & be fired after 2-3 months. Or even if you pass, you may not be able to thrive & survive for more than 1-3 years. In private sector, you also face more open competition from foreigners and also need super EQ to handle management & HR who may be bias towards certain foreigners & nationalities.

  5. Awao says:

    I am 27 years old university graduate and have about 5 years of working experience but yet I earn less than $30,000 per year. What can you ask for more salary? Cut down your lifestyle expenditure and delay your gratification.

  6. Tan KengSooi says:

    Look for another job while you are earning 60k per year. It is a tough world out there. You didn’t know that. Sad.

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