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Saturday April 14th 2018

Jobless Singaporean PMET lamented at our lunch-stealing pro-foreign hiring stance

Dear Gilbert,

I feel very sad and demoralized. I have been unemployed for more than a year. And then to hear the ministers insisting that it is a skills-mismatch problem is like saying it is our fault ! They simply refuse to admit that there are no proper jobs for us.

Why so face-saving? Already how many ministers have said that their main KPI this year is “jobs jobs jobs”. MOM statistics says there are only 77 jobs for every 100 jobseekers. The 77 jobs available are also unclear in their category and the jobseekers may include thousands of foreigners from dependent-pass holders who are already staying here legally.

The foreigners here on tourist visa are also looking for jobs! Why don’t admit there is not enough jobs when your own data indicated otherwise indirectly? Admitting the mistake is the first step to addressing the problem right?

Why is MOM still letting in MORE foreigner PMET? But instead they keep saying they have already cut down on the work permit S Passes? The problem is PMET has no job! Minister wants our jobless PMET to do work-permit holder job is it? Why do they keep letting in all these foreigner PMET? Are our own Singaporean PMET so lousy?

Dear Gilbert, what I am trying to say is they should stop putting the blame on us. Already we are suffering from very low morale, they say “it is you who have no skills not that there are no jobs” is just further demoralizing us.

This will only make us even more pissed off at their no-help schemes. Just admit your job creation is not productive and cut your own pay and bonuses! We are skilled PMET and yet you keep letting in foreigners to steal our lunches!


Editor’s note: This article is retrieved from a comment posted on our site.

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8 Responses to “Jobless Singaporean PMET lamented at our lunch-stealing pro-foreign hiring stance”

  1. SAF says:


    I am also a Singaporean PME with very good education and skills, but I have to keep looking for jobs because the shitty third world foreigners brought in by millions by the lousy PAP keep taking my jobs!

    What is worse and it really hurts is that these so-called foreign talents have no talent whatsoever! If they were really talented with world class education and experience, I would still be ok. Because that would still be a fair fight. But greedy PAPpies have brought in millions of rubbish foreigners with shitty third world education (mostly from India) and they are good for nothing. They have no knowledge or skills! They are just here to pump Singapore’s population, thanks to PAP.

    In my current and previous jobs, my 100-people departments were 90% Indians! And most of them are really stupid and retarded. With crappy education and no skills!

    PAP has really destroyed Singaporeans lives. Just to increase population!!!

    • SAFRA says:

      Similarly, I am a Singaporean, getting on to be 58 and had been a major contributor to my previous company information technology APAC division and NOW looking for a job. I had been there since I was 37. And because it is an IT division, I don’t rest on my laurels.

      On the contrary to yours, the CEO did not specifically look/search to hire any particular nationalities but only those below 35. So, they fired most of the long serving, thick in the woodwork SG people (good and bad) and imported loads of FTs, with some SGs.

      NOW, how does that even escape MOM? Or the various agencies that are part of the supposedly “integrated, wired and smart” nation -like the ICA?

      I am sure no one owes me or SG a living, but our elected government should not just pay lip services. Reached out to those that are retrenched and questioned the deals of hiring FT to replace contributors(mostly SG) to the nation (tax and CPF).


  2. James says:

    I believe the government should implement some foreign quota controls at the PMET level rather than at the S-pass level. Many Singaporeans desire to do PMET (EP level) jobs, while businesses complain about difficulties finding S-pass level Singaporean workers.

    Also, the government jobs bank is has little use in reality. Most companies hire non-SG/PR first then place the job ad in the jobs bank data base before the employee commences employment.

  3. Michael says:

    Its true. My company recently just fired my dept head, an Indian, for not performing. Frankly speaking, he’s a really good-for-nothing. From my past jobs, I realized Indians can really bullshit very good during presentations but come short of delivering results.

    My previous company lagi worse … Indian team of programmers and engineers could bullshit every fortnightly for 1 year and deliver nothing after that. The boss, also Indian, managed to con some investors of money and spent like a king. In the end, sold the company to Chinese and got fired for embezzlement .. Indian team also got fired.

    Just be fair, not all Indians are like shit … I would expect 1 per 10,000 to be as good as SG PMETs … the rest of the Indian engineers, technicians can be used for construction works.

  4. Its true says:

    Its true that alot of foreigners are coming to Singapore on tourists visa, and hoping to find a job here! I think there needs to be firm enforcement to prevent such things from happening.

  5. Reymund says:

    I have learnt that everyman has to fight for himself and quit relying on this govt. Either start your own biz or do something along on those lines.

    I hope you will find the job you are looking for.

  6. SAF says:

    In my current and previous jobs, my 100-people departments were 90% FOREIGNER Indians! And most of them are really stupid and retarded. With crappy THIRD WORLD education and no skills!

    And now Tharman is saying in India that only 30% of the Singapore workforce is foreigners! What bullshit!!! Total nonsense!!! Singaporeans know that the real number is much higher than this. Close to 80-90%!!! PAP has really screwed Singaporeans and are now lying about it!!!

  7. ANTHONY TAN says:

    I specialise in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics which is a skill sought after in the UK and apparently I heard it is likewise in Singapore.

    I moved back to Singapore recently from London thinking that my skill will be needed here and that I would be more than happy to help my home country grow and prosper.

    To my dismay, I was wrong!! Companies in Singapore, including the Singapore public sector, are favouring Foreign Talents from India over a true blue Singaporean like me! I am now seriously contemplating to pack up and head back to London. Better still, I ought to take up the British citizenship and then renounce my Singapore citizenship. And not forgetting I can withdraw all my CPF money and convert them to British pounds!

    Perhaps after a few years later, the Singapore government may invite me as a Foreign Talent on a red carpet to Singapore and work in the data analytics profession. I feel I will be better treated and accepted as an FT than a local singaporean. It is such a shame that my beloved country Singapore is still favouring Foreigners!

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