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Tuesday January 15th 2019

Discharged bankrupt single mum struggling with livelihood and housing need

Dear Ms Hamzah (MCI)

I’m writing to feedback to you of the immense difficulties I’m still undergoing despite having been discharged of bankruptcy 2 years ago.

I’m still unable to apply for a line from the 3 Telcos here which are requesting for payments that the Official Assignee has absolved me from during the discharge process.

I’m currently holding 2 jobs and only have 3 hours of sleep daily with high blood pressure. Doctors told me to watch my health but how to? If I don’t earn $2.6K, HDB (which criteria keeps changing) has threatened to withdraw my BTO house at Greenview. They are already withholding the flat as I can’t maintain their demands of $300 in my account monthly due to the fact I have to singlehandedly look after my aged parents and a teenage daughter. I’m divorced with no maintenance and have outstandings with SGH & TTSH. The hospitals keep requesting for documents but don’t help later citing government restrains with my income though they know the commitments I have.

With a salary of $2.6K, I can’t even apply for a single bank card due to the past bankruptcy which leaves a black mark with the government agencies, in addition to having all incentives forfeited due to the income ceiling. I keep asking myself why is this happening and what am I really working hard for? The hardworking gets penalised!

My daughter is also looking for a job high and low with her level of education and stopped schooling because we can’t qualify for anything now. I hope you will look into our situation and assist. Thank you.

Ms LY Tan

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