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Thursday September 19th 2019

Foreigner expat enquiring on hiring procedures at A*Star

Dear all,

I have a question to be figured out. I got two informal interviews with A*STAR two managers. After the second information interview, they inform me to have a formal interview with the assistant manager and a senior member of the group to check the technical parts from me.

Before the interview, I also sent them the application form, transcripts, certificates, reference letters, and pay slip.

After around two weeks, I got the phone interview from the HR to confirm with me the details of the last interview and inquire about my expected salary, my current salary, and the possible date on duty for the position. But the HR didn’t inform me that I have been selected or will be selected for this position. I am applying for the scientist position.

May anyone gives me some information if I will properly be selected and given an offer as considering the above situation? My current supervisor is also going to offer me another position in the nearly future. So, it could be better for me, if I know the situation more certainly.

Thank you for any comments.

Posted by SimonLinn


Bud… it takes forever to get hired anywhere in Singapore. An initial review by HR to see if you have ticked off all their idiotic boxes and “must haves”. Then a first interview by someone with no hiring authority at all.

Then a pause as they try to decide if the skills of all the people they have interviewed match up with the job description they so painstakingly created, or whether they might ought to rewrite the job description to more closely match the skills of the people they have interviewed.

Of course, if they do that, they’ll want to bring you back in for a second interview to see how you match up with the new job criteria.

In the meantime, budget time rolls around, and so starts the annual hassle of deciding once again, whose P&L the position will end up on, which in turn may lead to yet another change in the job description and reporting managers.

We’re getting closer, though… now, you get to the second or third interview with someone who could actually make a recommendation… if you get the thumbs up, it’s now more delay to decide how much you’re worth, and whether the job is still needed, given they have wasted so much of your time.

Seriously… three months is nothing in Singapore for these bureaucratic organizations to get around to making a decision. Oh… and f*ck you as you wait around… there is no consideration for your circumstances as this circle jerk progresses.

Posted by Strong Eagle

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2 Responses to “Foreigner expat enquiring on hiring procedures at A*Star”

  1. gooo says:

    Sometimes you wonder what is wrong with these companies. So many interviews for 1 position. Not only will they lose the talent applying to them, they waste their own managers’ time screening so many rounds. Overdoing hiring process is very costly just like any red tape in any other department.

  2. Stork Eagle says:

    Dear Gilbert, I seek your advice on the time taken by civil and public agencies to vet a job application. I and my friends have applied for jobs since Nov last year and some of these applications are still “submitted” status. Does this mean that the HR did not even open up or look at our applications?

    Could you or any of your readers be able to advice what to do or follow up to even get it to “in process” or get a reply?

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