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Thursday January 17th 2019

The worst types of bosses to work for


In today’s uncertain economic times, with severe downsizing of companies and increasing job-cuts, the worst type of boss syndrome has escalated.  As a result, most bosses tend to be rigid and demanding control freaks, sometimes having the least experience in motivating the employees to pool in their best efforts.

There is a continual pressure to perform and get results at any price. This has become the norm in the corporate circles. Today, many people in the work force have to cope up with these problematic bosses at one time or the other. Bosses tend to have a recognizable *modus operandi*- manifesting certain characteristic traits.

Let us examine some of these focal traits latent in the worst type of bosses and how to deal with them:

* Bully

The bully kind of a boss is a control freak; he is egotistical and thrives when his subordinates are fearful of him. He tends to bully them around with his overbearing behavior. In such a scenario, it’s best to deal with the situation quickly. The right approach would be to match the boss’s behavior. For example, when the boss raises his voice or demonstrates an outburst of anger or tantrum, make sure to mete out a similar confrontation in return.

Standing up to a bully often works. Eventually, the boss will back down and learn to treat the employee grudgingly with respect. It’s best to nip it in the bud right then and there.

* Too friendly

Beware of the boss who acts too friendly. Exercise caution if this kind of boss openly shows undue interest in your private life. Be wary of any ulterior motives he might display. Keep your distance-especially when he gets too personal by asking you on a date, a late night show or invites you over to his home. Avoid encouraging his behavior and do not hesitate to let him know that you are not interested.

In such a scenario, it would be advisable to set limits to one’s availability before the problem escalates and invades one’s privacy.

* Workaholic

The workaholic boss often makes one’s life hell by invading the employee’s personal time.  He makes it impossible to separate one’s home life from the office. It’s safest to discuss the problem openly with this kind of boss and let him know that you have personal responsibilities that are as important as meeting deadlines at work.

It would be wise to insist on leaving the workplace at a set time each day. If the workaholic boss responds angrily to this stance, all one can do is to simply assure him that any work or project on hand will be tackled the first thing next morning.

* The Perfectionist

The perfectionist boss is overly conscious about the quality and quantity of the work input of his employees. He is constantly demanding and supervising and demonstrates a penchant for perfection. His excessive obsession for thoroughness and of having to do things a particular way, can slow down the work you have to complete within the required deadline. The best way to handle this kind of a boss would be to remain cool, calm and firm in all situations.

Self-confidence and believing in oneself and one’s ability to perform can help you to effectively deal with your boss’s high expectations.

* The weirdo

This brand of boss is difficult to fathom. He is unpredictable by nature and is not consistent in his actions, words or behavior. At times, he is kind and courteous; at other times, he acts overly critical of your work-making his employees feel anxious and belittled. He seldom displays patience and understanding. This kind of a boss, who gets easily infuriated and constantly behaves in an erratic manner, is oft labeled as a weirdo.

When you find your boss behaving irrationally and inconsistently in his inter-actions with you, the best strategy would be to ignore his behavior or rude comments. Silence perhaps would say it all-more than retaliation or sulking.

* In conclusion

Dealing with some of the worst types of bosses, forces one to overcome fears, defies one to stay calm under pressure and challenges one to negotiate for better working conditions.

One can weave one’s way around the worst types of bosses with determination and persistence. Standing up to them and communicating one’s grievances openly, can be a great deterrent to this brand of bosses.

Those who are able to survive a worst type of boss, often earn the respect of higher-ups for their ability to manage a difficult situation.  Perhaps, the most important lesson you can learn would be to be better bosses one day

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2 Responses to “The worst types of bosses to work for”

  1. Denial Tan says:

    One of my ex-boss is a bully and a weirdo. His temper can change from day to day, hour to hour, phone call to phone call.

    Worst than a women having period 365 days a year.

    After I left, I hear that he was very unhappy now because nobody can work with him anymore.

    Hee Hee, revenge is the sweetest when you give him the habit of having his way and suddenly remove it!

  2. Bossy says:

    Another type to avoid at all costs: Miser/scrooge/cheapskate

    one asked the new clerk who has yet to get her salary of $600 to pay $600 first for the office cabinet.

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