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Thursday January 17th 2019

Company blamed supervisor for staff resignation after promotion

Hi Gilbert,

I consider myself a victim of a potential unfair dismissal.

I am a manager of a company and lead a department of 2 staff, who have been working for more than 10 years.

One of the staff threatened to resign if she’s not promoted, and hence, I reported it to the Director of my department as well as the HR. Surprisingly, they requested I proceed with promotion plans for this staff despite my advice to them that the staff has plans to leave right after her promotion.

Her promotion came true eventually soon after.

As predicted, recently she tendered her resignation within short notice and wanting to clear her childcare/family care leaves instantly. Her last day of service is 1.5 weeks from now.

HR department called me in yesterday, to my shock, the HR director accused me that the company lost a long service staff because of me. It was definitely beyond my responsibilities to tie down the staff’s freedom in seeking out other career opportunity, but taking the blame of this resignation is definitely out of the question.

The company is finding fault on me and has somehow hinted me that I will be “dismissed” on grounds that I have resulted and caused a non-conducive working environment.

Currently I am adopting the wait & see approach and actively looking for other career opportunities.

Appreciate your comments and advice on the best way to manage this situation.

Thank you so much.



Hi Z

I am sorry to hear of your predicament.

There is apparently some misunderstanding along the management chain and its also unbelievable that they decided to promote her despite your apprehension.

The management must have treasured her 10-year effort within the company and hope that with the promotion she will stay on but it has proved otherwise.

Anyway, the episode shows that you may be treading dangerously in the company and if I am you, I will be checking out other opportunities.

They don’t seem to treasure your supervisory advice much but such unfair dismissal can be reported to MOM if you want.

Take care.


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  1. xyz says:

    Always maintain black & white correspondence evidence, no matter how small or irrelevant. In my previous jobs, even in stat boards, I always BCC my personal email. And I made it a practice to always make decisions or give feedback/advice in writing. If management try to push me to say or decide on the spot or in verbal, I will always decline & say I don’t have all the facts onhand or that I need to review all info first. I wasn’t the most popular character, but I noticed that it is those unethical management who will be really unhappy. Those more ethical & straight management are usually OK with my approach.

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