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Sunday January 20th 2019

Whistleblower: Why Indian-owned QAssure Pte Ltd hires mostly Indian nationals?

The complaint I would like to put forward is about this overseas Indian company QAssure Pte Ltd Singapore.

It is a foreign-owned company which provides IT Services, mostly to government-affliliated organizations like Singapore Police Force, Singapore pools, DBS Bank, ITE Singapore, Republic polytechnic, Singapore polytechnic and others.

What is surprising is that they have almost 100% Indian national employees. I am a Singapore Indian, I can easily tell Singaporean from non-Singaporean. There could be some of them who attain permanent residency. But I am 100% sure that majority of them are from India.

When you have a company whose main core of revenue is derived from government or government–affiliated organisation, why is that they choose to hire most employees from overseas rather than from Singapore? As a government-affiliated organization in one way or another, they are also  relying on our tax-payer’s resources.

There is certainly a large number of qualified local IT professionals, why are these people not selected for employment, why do they have to employ FTs?

I think you should follow up with this company and write to them.


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2 Responses to “Whistleblower: Why Indian-owned QAssure Pte Ltd hires mostly Indian nationals?”

  1. Des says:

    This is a call centre company. The Indian Indians think they can pass off as national of whatever country the call is originated or call to. I don’t know the actual situation in Singapore but in Australia and many English speaking countries outsourcing to Indian call centre companies is common because it’s cheaper labour.

  2. George says:

    Haha you all voted for this so shut up.

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