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Monday January 14th 2019

Abuses of CECA by India and how Singaporeans can go round it

Gilbert, I heard that the Government is digitizing itself at this moment. You know, this is a great opportunity for the Government to solve the PMET unemployment and restructure the economy at the same time.

First, we have to agree that by embarking on this, we will become India’s direct competitor and the CECA is screwed. We have more to gain from doing this.

First, even the Americans can’t get anything from India’s protectionist multilayered government, who do we think we are?

Next, the CECA has been badly abused by these South Asians, like how they abused the H1B etc VISAs. There are so many of them outside the approved list of professions, like HR, library, education lecturing/admin, recruitment consultants, etc etc. South Asians have been abusing any kind of systems since I don’t know when. The refugee system, work visa systems, tourist visa and then disappearing into the countries schemes, etc. There are like scavengers, once you let a few in, they will overwhelm you with numbers and drown you with their voices and appetite.

Third, IT is going to be in everything in the future. Either we start training our own and have a strong core, or have to start buying all kinds of systems we have little control over. And the current softwares like SAP etc have become so laggy with high system requirements, there are a lot of opportunities for Singapore to create new platforms and form new companies to “save the world”.

Lastly, Singapore is still one of the world’s financial center. India cannot compete with us as we can start by selling to the banks and private entities here. The SMEs have to step up to the plate too. They have been like the scavenging South Asians for too long. They need to become the next pillar for Singapore to flourish and stand up to our geo-political challenges.

We need to become the next IT center of the world. India is in retreat and in danger of losing many jobs. USA, London, HK, etc are all coming down hard on their “outsourcing” and VISA abuse. If we do not take this opportunity, then we can just blame ourselves if India or some other country managed to find another model and perhaps steal our financial center status along with it.

The time is now, and India is no longer an ally but a competitor we must beat. They can be our friend, but we must be resolute in our commitment to our own future instead of theirs. Like PM says, everyone fights for their own lunch. We need to stop giving away free lunch and help our own people and country.


Editor’s note: This article is retrieved from a comment posted on our site.

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