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Thursday January 24th 2019

PMET jobless for 18 months and feeling frustrated at CECA arrangement

Dear Gilbert, as I read this, it reminds me of my own situation.

I was hired into the company with the bosses promising me a career change. They did promote me after confirmation and change my scope as promised. Except that the training and mentorship that they promised never materialized. That led to a lot of confusions and poor performance even as I tried whatever I could to manage the situation and kept the boss informed.

Then came the merger. I was told to resign of the boss will begin the disciplinary and performance management to get me out. I thought it was because of my own poor performance. It was only after I left that I realized that the boss needed to conform to a certain budget due to the merger, hence I was removed.

I am now 18 months unemployed. I am sinking in terms of self-confidence and getting tired of applying for jobs that never get back to you.

Do you know how bad the economy is? The number of unemployed people I meet are mostly skilled PMETs. People who like me, have got several promotions and achievements throughout our careers. And remember what the government said about Singaporeans? No talent. That’s why they need FTs. I am so surprised that so many PMETs are “not talented” enough to get jobs in our own homeland.

With time on my hands, I did some research into companies. Imagine the shock I had when I discovered that FTs are prevalent in Singapore HR! Especially from a certain country we have CECA with! And when I tried to do teaching and lecturing, these people are in almost every aspect of educational industry too! Does the CECA open doors to HR, and education in Singapore? What has MOM been doing as the gatekeeper!

There are so many horror stories about Singaporean CVs being thrown away to help their own villagers, now I am starting to believe these stories!

I am sick and tired of government excuses for not delivering on their promise of jobs for Singaporeans. Instead of admitting that they are unproductive and cannot deliver good jobs, they blame Singaporeans for being picky and “skill mis-match”. Utter rubbish! PMETs have many transferable skill sets and what the *** are FTs doing in HR? We need FTs to screen out Singaporeans so they can get employed while we are discriminated in our own country?


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10 Responses to “PMET jobless for 18 months and feeling frustrated at CECA arrangement”

  1. usha says:

    It is now too late to cry over spilt milk. the last 15 years and the huge influx of foreigners into our country has made us lose our jobs in this time to foreigners. Also, our govt sold us out by signing CECA with countries like india, where the huge populations of indian nationals cannot get jobs in their own country and they use this agreement to come to singapore and take over our jobs. Our greedy govt wanted trade deals with these countries and sold our jobs to them. These 3rd generation leaders are very self-centred and don’t care about our people. Now it is too late to complain that these nationals have taken over our HR vacancies and they are hiring their own people over singaporeans to fill job vacancies. Our govt is not doing anything to clamp down hard on errant employers to prevent foreigners from being employed as HR in various companies and instead appoint singaporeans to these HR positions. That is what they should actually do.So due to that we are unemployed in our own country. Besides that, indiscriminate and selfish voting for the PAP inspite of urgent national issues at stake gave them the impression that everything was fine and that there is no need for urgent policy changes. So singaporeans have to take responsibility for the kind of govt they want to appoint and what they want out of the system. Until we have responsible voters, the system is here to stay

  2. Rajan says:

    I also heard, Singaporean CVs amended by HR department to hire their own kind.The only way, we must vote against PAP.

  3. Texas says:

    The evil regime … will import more foreigners to replace the locals … so that the Nazi-style Hitlerism will embrace the superior race … rule will power and greed forever !!!

  4. Lee SF says:

    Dear all, I was unemployed for a long period of time too. I just found a role with a big difference to my previous pay.
    Sharing – you can do what I did. I went to the jobsbank and applied for all jobs irregardless of the remuneration offered. You will most likely receive a few calls for interview. Likewise is still up to you to accept the offer. Just grab whatever offer presents to you during this crisis and continue to look out for another higher pay role from time to time.

    We need the income to support our family and our daily expenses, I wish all unemploy and myself to meet our potential employer in the near future that appreciate our skills n job experience. Pay us appropriately and once again able to contribute to the organization. Good Luck to All.

    • Xavier says:

      “Just grab whatever offer presents to you during this crisis and continue to look out for another higher pay role from time to time.”

      The reason this is a bad idea is because HR scales your pay in the position you are applying for, from the previous position you are in.

      If you “grab whatever offer presents to you”, that will result in a working life filled with opportunities that are underpaid.

      That is a reason why people do not “grab whatever offer presents to you”.

      • xyz says:

        Xavier, in a “textbook situation” I agree we shouldn’t just grab whatever job comes along. Even back in the 1980s when Singaporeans started to embrace job-hopping (as opposed to the older generation who believed in lifelong loyalty), people only moved if they can get at least 25% pay jump. In those days getting 50% increase was not unusual.

        I’m sure Lee held out for a long time for a reasonable position & pay similar to his last job. But couldn’t for various reasons. For the sake of survival & more importantly for his family, he had limited options but to accept much lower paying offers.

        Don’t forget also that once you cross 3-months of unemployment, employers automatically will question your ability & worth — if you’re that good, why haven’t anybody already hired you at your asking salary??

        • Xavier says:

          That’s the reason why people need to have a job that they own, e.g. making burgers or computer repairs BEFORE applying for jobs. Because at all stages in the interview, you will have to jump through hoops – but especially … if you don’t match the employers unstated preference.

          This is an example where young and beautiful girls easily get ahead. Until the next one shows up, of course.

          Don’t forget, even CEOs who underperform and talk cock get a pass … especially since we have a cohort of baby boomers, mostly unqualified but largely pretend to know stuff, that are in charge.

          People talk about independent and critical thinking when it comes to hiring staff, but in the end are absolutely conformist, and really don’t want to learn new ways of doing things, or to learn they were previously wrong.

          Oh well, the next war in a few years should create plenty of vacancies.

  5. Universal says:

    In my years of experience, it is important that the government put effort to ensure every company and hiring agents should only have locals in the front line. As these will minimise of influx of FT. But what happen now, we may have Singaporeans..which are not locals infact. So that is what exactly happen. Sometimes i wonder too who sit behind the desk in MOM and ICA. I do welcome FT as having a diverse culture in the country will widen the knowledge and bring new ideas. But we cannot have too many of from a certain region as we are losing our identity as Singapore multiracial country. Don’t you agree?

  6. Richard Lim says:

    Well, you voted for this government, you have given the mandate to get more FTs here so cant complain

  7. FAS says:

    Why haven’t they stopped flooding Singapore with foreign trash? And lying about it for 10 years?? 90% of staff in my current and previous company are foreigner Indians!! All managers are foreigner Indians!! They are all foreign trash! They are all incompetent with fake or rubbish third world qualifications. While Tharman and the PAP openly lie that only 30% of the workers are foreigners! How could they do this to us? They have destroyed lives of thousands of Singaporeans!! In my current and previous office, 90 people are foreigner Indians trash with rubbish qualifications. Only 2 Singaporeans!

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